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Unique Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Indoor Air

Ft. Lauderdale CoolingThe indoor air quality in your home has a significant impact on those who are forced to breathe in that air all day. The dirtier the air, the more problematic it is for these people to breath.

Family members who suffer with allergies or asthma will be especially sensitive to the poor air quality and be able to alert you more easily when conditions deteriorate.

These unique ways to clean and sanitize your indoor air should make conditions much better.

Replace Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Chances are pretty good that when you are vacuuming in the house that all that dirt and debris are being blown right back into the rooms because the filter is either clogged or of poor quality. The reason for this is that many vacuum cleaners come with the bare bones basic filters.

The best thing you can do to improve the indoor air quality is to remove and toss those filters and replace them with new Hepa filters. These are top of the line and made to remove 99.9% of all microscopic particles in the air. The air will improve after each vacuuming.

Replace HVAC Air Filters

Depending on your HVAC system, it has one or several air filters throughout. These filters can clog very easily and will allow more dirt into the house each time the air handler tuns on.

The best thing to do is purchase these filters in bulk and replace them at the first sign of getting really dirty. The cleaner the filters, the easier it is for the unit to run and the cleaner the treated air will be inside the house.

If you have trouble locating or replacing any of these filters, you local HVAC repair company can come over and inspect the unit, locate all the filters, and then replace them all for you.

Cleaning the Air DuctsFt. Lauderdale Indoor Air Services

The air ducts carry the treated air into each room, and many of these ducts have never been cleaned before. If any moisture has built up in the ducts, there could be a growth of mold that is just out of sight.

That dangerous mold is being blown into the indoor air each time the unit turns on, causing a serious reduction of air quality and putting family members with respiratory issues in harms way.

If the job appears too big, hire a professional cleaning company to do the job and your home will once have clean indoor air throughout.

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