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It is important to keep your air ducts clean of debris, even if it’s not easily noticeable. Air ducts do exactly what they sound like they do, they move air. If you have dirt and dust inside an unclean air duct then those particles are continually cycling throughout your home. Many people don’t realize what they are breathing inside their own homes. The very stuff that collects on your television screen, tile floor, and window blinds coats the inside of air ducts. Some people have as much as an inch of dust collecting at the bottom of their air duct system. Every time the air conditioner or heater kicks in the dust circulate and spreads throughout your home.

Getting your air ducts clean can cost a bit of extra cash, usually around 5 hundred dollars. In the long run however, you could save on things like heating and furnace replacement. The filter for a home’s heater can become clogged, and in a relatively short period of time needs to be replaced. These can increase the cost of heating, but more importantly could damage your heater. That alone could make a good duct cleaning worth it in the end.

When a professional comes in to clean the air duct it is a relatively simple process. First all of the vents and filters are removed and either cleaned thoroughly or replaced. Then a high-powered giant vacuum is attached to one of the ducts that is attached to a van. Inside the van is the actual vacuum. When the vacuum is turned on a device is pushed through each of the vents to agitate the dust and loosen it so that it gets sucked up inside the main vacuum device. The ducts should be cleaned every 5 to 10 years. If anyone in the home has allergies, then it is recommended to get them cleaned a little bit more often however.

Once your home is clean and all of the ducts are working the way they were the first day, then you will have a smaller electric bill and far cleaner air to breathe for your family.

You can rely on AAA modern Air in Ft Lauderdale, FL for the fastest and most affordable air duct cleaning available. Call us today at (954) 241-2523 and you will be pleased with the consumer care you receive.