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When Is It Time To Clean Your Airducts?

Air duct cleaning has, in recent years, become a bit of a controversy. Some people believe that a dirty air duct can pose risks to health and even death. While others believe that it is a common scare tactic scam to get people to pay more money in fear for their safety. There is no


Importance of Preventative Maintenance for your AC

There are a lot of reasons why preventative maintenance for your AC is important. Performance is going to suffer when AC maintenance is not performed. It might not even work during the periods when it is needed if not properly taken care of. Air conditioners well not perform up to their standards when not maintained,


Improve Your Homes Indoor Air Comfort With a Bio Fighter Germicidal UV Light

The Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV Light emits a special spectrum of light that will terminate most hazardous airborne microorganisms, thus eradicating the spread of household illnesses. These UV light emitting systems are permanently installed in the homes' heating and air conditioning systems. Once installed the Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV Light will begin to help eliminating the mold