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The Importance of a Condenser Coil in Keeping Your Home Cool

depositphotos_51855163_original_720What Is a Condenser Coil?

A condenser coil is a snake-like shaped coil which houses tubing that removes heat from an air conditioning systems refrigerant. In a split air conditioning system, the condenser coil is located in the outside compressor unit and works along with the evaporator coil found in the interior unit to control the temperature of your home.

The outside compressor unit pressurizes and heats the gas refrigerant in the condenser coils, then the heat from the gas is cooled and turned into a liquid as it moves through the air blown over it. The heated air surrounding the condenser coil is then blown out of the exterior compressor unit.

What Are Signs of a Damaged Condenser Coil?

There are several indications that your condenser coil may be damaged and is need of professional diagnosis and repair. If you see an unexpected hike in your utility bill, and you regularly change and keep a clean filter in the interior unit, the condensing coil outside may likely be clogged by accumulated dust and debris. An HVAC repair technician can clean the coil and remove any blockage.

If you begin feeling that the air blowing from the registers inside your home is not as cool as it should be, or once was, it’s possible you may have a refrigerant leak in the condenser coil. Should you develop a leak anywhere in the refrigerant line, this could potentially harm the entire system. Seeing frost build-up along the air conditioning unit, or hearing a hiss emitting from the condenser unit both indicate a leak in the system and require immediate professional attention before any further damage occurs.

Why Should I Hire a Professional for This Repair Job?

According to energy.gov, regular maintenance of your air conditioning’s filters, coils and fins are key to keeping your system running at peak performance and saving energy. Simply changing your air filter monthly is an easy task that you can most likely handle on your own. However, maintaining a clean condenser coil and the overall routine maintenance of your air conditioning system should only be done by a professional who has the education and experience to properly and safely keep your system running efficiently without causing any damage while doing so.

depositphotos_18738293_m_720An HVAC technician can correctly diagnose any problems and distinguish between a minor fix, or a more in-depth repair. Also, for your safety, manufacturers recommend that the consumer does not open the air conditioning unit and attempt a DIY fix. Only a trained professional knows how to safely and efficiently maintain and make proper condenser coil and other HVAC repairs.

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