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Cooling System Tune-up

Ft. Lauderdale CoolingUnlike most places in the United States, springtime in the South Florida area usually means early heat and humidity. You will want to make sure your cooling system is ready for the hot weather before it hits, especially if you have elderly family members or family members with allergies or asthma. Be on the lookout for these three telltale signs that your air conditioner may be in need of a tune-up.

Your Cooling System has Dirty Cooler Pads

If your air conditioner’s cooling pads are dirty, they will need to be cleaned or replaced, depending on the severity. This is a mild issue, however, as cooler pads are relatively cheap to service either way. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact your local air conditioner repairman to get your cooler pads professionally cleaned or replaced. This will keep your cooling system running efficiently and help it last longer.

Your Electric Bill Goes Up for No Reason

Is your electric bill steadily increasing even though your usage hasn’t changed? Many things can cause your electricity usage to increase, such as using new appliances or leaving certain plugs plugged in overnight. Even so, if your power bill goes up and keeps going up without any discernible cause, chances are your air conditioner may have a clog.

Your Cooling System has Loose Connections

If your cooling system has faulty wiring, you will most definitely need that fixed. Faulty wiring can lead to a whole host of issues, especially if these wires are exposed to the rain. They also pose the obvious life-threatening hazard to children and pets, so if your air conditioner is near where they play, keep them out of the area until it is fixed. Never try to fix exposed wiring yourself—always call a professional repairman to do it for you!

Severe summer heat is not something to be treated lightly, especially if you have elderly family members or family members with allergies or asthma in your home. If you notice these or any other unusual changes in your cooling system, do not take chances and leave yourself unprepared for the sweltering weather.Ft. Lauderdale A/C Maintenance

Call a professional repairman and let them tune-up, repair or replace your cooling system. When the heat and humidity begin climbing, you will be thankful you got your air conditioning serviced by professional service technicians.

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