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3 Consequences of Leaky Air Ducts

One of the important aspects of your Ft. Lauderdale home is the airways. However, there is more to air conditioning than just heating and cooling. In order to provide a good home with the airways, it is important to make sure that the air ducts are in good condition.

If the air ducts are leaky or disconnected, it can cause different problems in the home which could result in health problems along with a lower quality of air. The following are three consequences that can result from leaky air ducts. This will provide you with enough incentive to get these air ducts fixed right away.

Ft. Lauderdale CoolingBad Stuff gets distributed Throughout the Home

One of the consequences of leaky air ducts is that the bad stuff that is outside could get caught in to the ducts and be distributed throughout the home. One example is that of a dead animal. If an animal died near the air duct, there is likely going to be a smell that builds up. As the smell passes through the air ducts, it makes its way throughout the home. This results in an unpleasant odor that everyone has to smell while they are in the home.

Increased Infiltration

In a system that pulls 10 units of air from home and sends it to HVAC for cooling or heating. Only 7 units of air will make back. So there is a negative in the return of air due to the increase in the infiltration.

This will result in the house gaining negative pressure. As a result, there will be compensation for the missing units of air, and it will come from sources that have less than desirable types of air. It could be air that is foul or otherwise unhealthy for breathing.


The air ducts could cause air to backdraft which could result in the lowered quality of air in the home. Due to the inability of the air to travel through the flue, it is going to travel into your home. As a result, certain appliance are more likely to give off carbon monoxide which will have a lot of adverse effects on the person that is breathing in the carbon monoxide.

These are 3 of the consequences that could occur with leaky air ducts in your Ft. Lauderdale. For this reason, it is very important to make sure that the air ducts are always in good condition.

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