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Ft Lauderdale AC Maintenance
Many people don't give much thought to having their air conditioning unit serviced. However, to get the most out of your AC unit, you should have your AC repair done annually. The maintenance doesn't take long and is definitely to your benefit. Try to get in a routine and have your AC repair done every spring. Doing this will help eliminate any performance issues so you aren't left high and dry on a hot summer day.

A quick helpful hint to making sure your air conditioning unit works properly is to make sure that the condensing unit on the outside is not covered up. Your air conditioner must be able to pull air in from outside in order to blow cool air inside. Keep this in mind if you have to store your air conditioner during the cold season. You do not want any snow, ice, or debris coming in contact with your air conditioner so always make sure you keep it covered.

During a routine AC repair, Freon levels are checked to ensure there are no leaks. Air conditioners do not consume Freon. Therefore, if the Freon levels are low it means there is a leak. Freon is a controlled substance which is hazardous if released into the environment. If there is a leak, it will be repaired and more Freon will be added. There are other serious problems that could arise from a Freon leak as well-which is why we strongly recommend that you have your unit serviced. Freon leaks could freeze the evaporator coil and cause it to ice up, and it can also cause the compressor to overheat. These repairs can be costly!

Another routine maintenance procedure is having electrical components and controls inspected. Air conditioning units present a very large load to your electrical circuit which can sometimes cause a momentary dimming of your lights when the unit is turned on. This electrical inspection is important for safety reasons. Other maintenance includes cleaning the condenser. Also during your AC repair, the motors will be oiled to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Finally, the thermostat will be calibrated and the filters will be replaced as needed.

Servicing your air conditioning system annually will locate any problems and increase dependability. Routine maintenance allows the unit to perform at its best which, in turn, lowers energy costs, prolongs the lifespan, and ensures that the unit is operating safely.