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A/C Maintenance 101

A home's air conditioning and climate control system is a complex group of devices that keeps a home comfortable, maintains a steady temperature, balanced humidity, and even purifies the air within a home.

When these systems are not regularly maintained, it can lead to a wide variety of issues including a catastrophic breakdown during the hottest months of the summer.

This is why every home and business owner should understand why these systems need to be regularly maintained and what benefits they will notice with biannual service calls.

Why AC Systems Need to be Maintained

The average climate control system will undergo quite a bit of wear-and-tear throughout the years.

Not only are these devices used heavily during the warmest months of the year, they will often go for 6 or 7 month stretches without being used whatsoever as they collect dust and become damaged. This includes a wide variety of outside contaminants ranging from dust and dander to lawn clippings environmental pollutants.

As the outside temperature and moisture levels change it will also begin to take a toll on many of the components of these systems such as belts and even fluid levels.

Finally, any changes to the home itself such as boarded up vents or closed up rooms may mean that the AC is overworking or cold air is being sent to areas of the building that do not need it.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Most specialists suggest that a climate control system should be maintained at least twice a year with the AC portion of the system serviced in early spring. The first thing that owners will notice with a freshly-serviced air conditioner is a drop in their monthly energy bills.

The air conditioner and furnace combined account for upwards of 50 percent of all energy consumed within a home and regular maintenance is the single most effective step for lowering bills. Regular maintenance will also improve the longevity of the outdoor unit Fort Lauderdale A/C Maintenance and could increase its lifespan by multiple years.

An experienced technician will be able to inspect the system for any signs of minor damage that could lead to major issues in the future.

From low refrigerant levels to noisy compressors, no one should ever let their AC system go unmaintained for years on end. All it takes is a few service calls per year to keep these units working smoothly and efficiently for 10 years or longer.

For proper A/C maintenance services in the Fort Lauderdale area, Call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 241-2523, and get your house feeling cool again.