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3 Ways to Improve Home Ventilation for the Fall Season

A well-sealed and insulated home can improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC season and make your home more comfortable. However, it also can decrease indoor air quality, and this can lead to respiratory issues, the increased likelihood of mold growth and numerous other issues. Finding a way to improve home ventilation is a necessity, and there are a few steps that you can take this fall to accomplish your goals.

Ft. Lauderdale Home Ventilation ServicesTurn On Ceiling Fans

When the outdoor air turns cooler, you may think about turning your ceiling fans off for the season. However, ceiling fans can help to circulate the air throughout the home and can decrease the impact of fumes and stale air on any one room or area of the home. Ideally, ceiling fans in all rooms of the home will run regularly.

Leave Doors Open

In addition to running your ceiling fans regularly, you should also leave the interior doors to the home open when possible. This encourages the air to circulate throughout the home rather than to remain confined in one room. Remember to keep doors to closets and bathrooms open as well.

When you do need to close interior doors for privacy, light control or sound control, remember to open them as soon as possible. For example, your kids may fall asleep easier with their door closed to block light and sounds. However, you can open their doors before you go to bed for the evening so that the air can circulate while everyone sleeps.

Use Your HVAC System Regularly

On nice weather days, you may crack your windows open to ventilate the home and to allow fresh air to seep into your space. However, on the days when it is warmer or cooler, turn on the HVAC system.

The HVAC system circulates air in the home and also has air purification and filtration features. For example, the air filter will trap particulates and remove them from the indoor air. The HVAC system can also decrease the humidity level in the home to reduce the risk of mold growth.

Indoor air quality is directly linked to ventilation. While there may be some nice weather days in the fall when you want your windows open, there are many days when you want to close the windows for comfort inside the home. By following these tips, you can improve ventilation throughout the fall season and beyond.

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