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A/C Services: Things to Consider Before Installing a New A/C Unit In Your Home

Ft. Lauderdale HVACWhen considering replacing your current air conditioning unit for a new one, there are multiple areas of concern your HVAC specialist will take into consideration. In order to ensure you receive the best air conditioner for your home, they will deliberately cover these three areas when suggesting the right air condition for you.

Does Your Unit Need Replacing or Maintenance?

Air conditioning units cannot exist with simple filter changes alone. Air conditioners should be maintained on at least a yearly maintenance schedule. Your HVAC specialist can look into your current air conditioner, inspect it thoroughly and help you decide whether it’s the right time to invest in a new AC unit or whether the current one simply needs repair and follow-up maintenance.

How Big is the Area Needing Cooling?

You might believe you simply choose the air conditioning unit which fits the square footage of your home, but there are other areas of consideration that need to be thought of as well. In particular, your HVAC specialist will not only take into account the square footage of your home, but they will also note the height of your ceilings and the efficiency of the current windows you have in your household.

What is Your Home's Heat Gain?

An important concern when purchasing a new air conditioner is the heat gain of your home. This is calculated by considering how well insulated the house is, the heat gain received from all your running appliances, the type and placement of your windows and other areas of concern in which your house gains heat during the day. Your HVAC specialist will also consider the sun’s placement in regard to your home as well.Ft. Lauderdale Cooling

Our HVAC specialists will assist you in determining whether your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced as well as helping you choose the right unit for your home. Picking the perfect air conditioning unit takes forethought and knowledge and our HVAC specialists are there to help you through this difficult decision.

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