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3 Common Disasters to Look Out for This Fall

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s events because so much happens at once for all of us to keep up. Sometimes there’s good and at times there’s bad, but it is imperative to remember that even in those times, disaster can strike.

Ft. Lauderdale Fall Home MaintenanceHurricanes

To start off, we often leave our homes to run small errands or to visit family members and all of a sudden a thunderstorm occurs. You then may realize that it slipped your mind that during fall season, hurricane season has just begun.

You’ve forgotten to unplug your computer and you’re afraid the worst could happen. This is why it is imperative to try and get into the habit of turning everything off when you leave your home because it can lead to a fire if lightening happens to strike.


Apart from fire hazards, be sure to take the time to research the area you live in. Floods are the most common disasters that can occur. In order to be proactive to avoid flood damage, you should develop a plan of action. In case of an emergency and you are unable to leave your home, make sure you have your kitchen fully stocked with food that does not need to be refrigerated.

The power may get cut off, so it is good to have this emergency food available. In addition to this, one should communicate with their family step by step on all procedures that should be followed in case an evacuation is needed. Inform your children that swimming in rising water for fun is not permitted and can be dangerous.

Home Invasions

Most people may not think that one of the most common disasters in the fall are related to break in’s. Home invasions are considered common disasters especially during peaking seasons. October especially is a popular time of year for things like this to occur because of Halloween.

This holiday makes it easy for burglars because everyone is dressed up in disguise and some homes are left unlocked to entertain people. A thief doesn’t have to be someone you don’t know, it can be your best friend. Therefore, if you or someone you know plan on throwing parties, make sure you put away all your personal belongings and set up security cameras.

So there you have it, the three most common disasters can be potentially avoided if you have a solid plan and practice safety procedures in your spare time. Don’t allow life to knock you off your feet; stay on top.

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