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3 Ways To Help Your AC Celebrate National AC Day

Over one hundred years ago, Willis Carrier conceived of the air conditioner on a hot July 17th. No doubt he was sitting in a stifling engineer’s office wondering if he could make things more comfortable. Since then, more and more people have come to appreciate this day. 

In many areas, it usually doesn’t take until mid-July to start appreciating air conditioners. This year, make sure the AC is ready to work hard all summer with these tips from local AC tune-up professionals. 

Benefits of Regular Filter Replacementfilter

If there is one thing an air conditioner needs regularly, it is filter changes. No maintenance step is as important or as easy as changing the AC filters. In most situations, one should replace filters quarterly. Depending on the amount of dust or pets present in the home, filters may need to be replaced as often as monthly. 

Changing the filter in an air conditioner keeps dust from being circulated throughout the blower and ductwork in the central AC system. This prolongs the life of the equipment and leads to cleaner air circulating through the home. Establishing a schedule will ensure that air conditioners always have clean filters present. Reminders can be set in digital calendars or working with an AC maintenance company, and they may offer a service as part of a maintenance package. 

Adjust the Temperature To Reduce Cycling

During the Dania Beach summer, air conditioners don’t get a lot of time off. Battling the heat and humidity can rack up some serious mileage on AC units. Luckily, there are steps that homeowners can take to reduce the wear and tear that ACs undergo during the summer. 

Adjusting the temperature according to the time of day by raising the thermostat setting when fewer people are home can drastically reduce the number of times the air conditioner has to turn on. As with most machinery, more damage is done and energy wasted as machines cycle on. By reducing the need for the air conditioner to turn on, it will last longer. 

Cycling the thermostat up during the day and down at night will also save energy by not cooling an empty home during the day. Keeping the air conditioner off will not only reduce the runtime but will also save money. Additionally, cooling the house at night is advantageous because energy prices are generally lower after business hours. 


Plan for Routine Maintenance and AC Tune-ups

The best way to make sure an air conditioner is ready to celebrate National AC Day for many years is to make sure it receives the best seasonal care. Routine maintenance is a very important task for homeowners to schedule. Routine AC maintenance is a service performed by AC contractors, usually twice per year, to make sure it will continue to perform through the hot seasons. 

If it’s been a few years since one has performed routine maintenance on the AC, an AC tune-up can get a homeowner caught up. Both services will ensure that air conditioners last longer with fewer problems and will save money for the homeowner in the long run. 

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