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Get To Know The Inventors That Revolutionized Modern Heating and Cooling

Celebrating Black History Month is a powerful way of recognizing African Americans' contributions to the nation's history and culture. This month provides a much-needed opportunity to loudly acknowledge and appreciate the African American trailblazers in the HVAC industry who have made incredible strides despite numerous obstacles. This blog post will look at some of these remarkable stories, celebrating groundbreaking accomplishments in technological inventions and racial progress throughout the sector. 

Modern heating and cooling systems came from humble beginnings. They started as ideas in people's heads and, even through systems of prejudice, became part of what they are today. Here are just a few folks who made it possible for homeowners to live in heated, comfortable homes. 

David Crosthwait

davidDavid Crosthwait was an African-American mechanical and electrical engineer born in 1898. What makes him unique is that he had various patents during a time when people of color were greatly excluded from societal advances and invented the first gas furnace thermostat regulator. This invention helped increase energy efficiency for residential and commercial building sites. Mr. Crosthwait may not have been widely known during his life, but his contributions continue to blaze a path for the black inventors of today. 

Alice H. Parker

Alice H. Parker is an inventor whose contributions to heating, and cooling technology are often under-appreciated, especially as a black woman. A prolific innovator, Alice was responsible for inventing the modern gas furnace and revolutionizing homes' residential heating and cooling. Her innovative design relied on thermostats to control temperature and preset temperatures in rooms, completing a full system that regulated temperatures indoors. Today, her design serves millions of people each winter by keeping them warm as temperatures drop — all thanks to the vision and inventiveness of Alice H. Parker.

Lewis Latimer 

lewisLewis Latimer was a key contributor to the development of air conditioning and organized heat production through his invention of the electric carbon filament. A man of great talent, he was an inventor, engineer, draftsman, and patent consultant whose inventions helped to revolutionize modern heating and cooling. Born in 1848 in Chelsea, Massachusetts to former slaves, Latimer developed inventive skills at a young age which only grew stronger as he got older. After working as a draftsman for Alexander Graham Bell to help develop the telephone, he became a successful draftsman, making him one of the most well-known African-American inventors in history. 

His legacy incredibly impacted society's development as it is integral to everyday life today. From air conditioners to electric bulbs, industrialists worldwide owe much of their success to Lewis Latimer's ingenuity. He contributed greatly to improving human lives despite facing unprecedented adversity at a time when African-Americans were not afforded the same degree of opportunity as their white counterparts.

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