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Understanding Refrigerants 

Refrigerants are chemicals that have been in the news for decades. They are known as serious pollutants when they are released into the atmosphere. To add to the problem, refrigerants are necessary for air conditioners, increasing energy usage. 

On the flip side of this problem is the necessity of refrigerants. Without refrigerants, no one would have access to the cooling power of an air conditioner, and despite the dangers of their ubiquity, no one is willing to stop using them. The good news is newer refrigerants are constantly being developed to fight the harmful effects of the refrigerants of yesteryears. 

Deciding what to do about refrigerants and air conditioners can be a huge headache for homeowners. Luckily, no homeowner has to navigate this minefield by themselves. Here is some simple information from local experts to help dispel the mystique around refrigerants. 

Determining Which Refrigerant an Air Conditioner Uses 

Homeowners don’t need to decide which refrigerant an air conditioner uses. Manufacturers design systems around a certain type, but it can be helpful for homeowners to know which type is used in their system. This information can be easily ascertained by looking for the nameplate on the blower or the compressor of the air conditioner. 

The main reason this information is important to know is that it helps owners decide how to proceed with AC repairs. If a unit was manufactured before 2010, there is a good chance it requires a refrigerant called R-22 or Freon. Freon has been banned for sale and manufacture, so the supplies are limited, and it can be very expensive to add more to an air conditioner. If a unit is still running on R-22 refrigerant, replacing the unit with a system that uses more eco-friendly refrigerants is likely the best choice. As a bonus, upgrading to newer refrigerants will likely save money by reducing energy bills. 

What Causes Refrigerants Leaks?


Refrigerant has to be under pressure to operate properly. When the system springs a leak, it can lead to a loss of cooling power for a unit. The most common causes of refrigerant leaks are attributable to poor AC maintenance. 

During everyday use, chemicals end up on the delicate refrigerant coils. When these chemicals mix with condensation, they can form corrosive acids or cause rust that forms pinhole leaks. Allowing professionals to clean coils once yearly can prevent acids and rust from forming on coils and ultimately prevent damaging refrigerant leaks. 

How Can Professionals Help? 


Regarding refrigerants, it is best to leave it to the professionals. AC technicians are licensed to deal with refrigerants and have the equipment necessary to safely do so. Some of the reasons to seek a technician’s help when it comes to refrigerants are: 

  • When the air conditioner fails to keep up with demand
  • Long or short cycles are noticed with the central AC system 
  • Frozen AC coils
  • Hissing or gurgling noises near the furnace

Technicians can quickly diagnose and fix problems, restoring service and protecting the environment simultaneously. 

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