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Finding The Perfect HVAC Unit

Do you need some pointers from the experts for your HVAC unit decision? Are you spending decades trying to decipher the lingo that comes with this monumental choice? Have no fear; here comes help!

First and foremost, the size of the system is most important when searching for the right HVAC unit. There are many problems you could encounter with one that is too big or one too small for your home. Below is a guide that makes it easier for you.

Your Home’s Size: Calculations for the Correct System

In order to accurately determine the best HVAC complement to your home, look at some of the compiled calculations for your home's size:

  1. home size calculatorFind out exactly what the square footage is of your house. Look this up from when you purchased; there might be a record somewhere. If not, (ugh) you might have to measure. Take a measuring tape and record the length and width of each room in your house. When you’re ready, multiply each room’s measurements to get the individual square feet, then add it all together at the end. Ta-da!
  2. Determine the approximate BTU (will be explained later) that you’ll need. The amount of energy generally used to cool 1 square foot is 25 BTUs. All you’ll have to do at this point is multiply your house’s square footage by 25 to get your base. Not too hard now is it?

*If you have high, or vaulted ceilings, it would be best to multiply your base BTU by 25%, or 1.25.

You’ve got your base down so now it’s time to figure out what the size is of the air conditioner that you’ll be needing. Easy, divide your base BTUs by 12,000. This will give you the tonnage you’ll need for the unit.

Now, it’s time to consider the furnace. There is a debate on which is better; an 80% efficiency unit or a 95% efficiency system. 80% is standard, so for these calculations, 80% will be used. Take your base BTU measurement that you came up with previously and multiply that by .80 (80%). There you have it!

BTUs: What is the British Thermal Unit?

As stated, here is the “something to explain later,” so here goes. What is the BTU mentioned above? This easy acronym stands for the British Thermal Unit. This specific term measures energy.

british thermal unit

Simply put, one unit of BTU equals the amount of energy exerted to raise the temp of 1 pound of water 1-degree F. Funnily enough, this unit of measurement is a U.S. customary unit - not used in Britain! If it’s still hard to follow, please reach out and get sound advice from the professionals.

Always Talk to Professional HVAC Techs First

call professionals This information is explained in the easiest terms possible. It is hard to know how to correctly gauge the size of the HVAC unit your home needs. So, do it right.

If you find that you’re still unsure of the perfect HVAC system size, do not hesitate to reach out to someone who knows best.

This is an essential utility that will keep your home comfortable in the long term; choosing wisely is highly recommended. If it’s not done right the first time, you’ll have major malfunctions down the road.

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