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Keep Comfortable Temperatures Throughout A Home

One of the scariest things to consider for homeowners is whether a home's critical systems are on the verge of an expensive breakdown. Halloween or not, high utility bills and major repairs can haunt homeowners more than any ghost. An HVAC can eat up large amounts of the budget with utility bills and require huge repairs when it breaks down. 

Fortunately, there are things that homeowners can do to reduce the cost of operating an HVAC and get the longest life expectancy out of their heating and air conditioning equipment.

Check the Thermostat


The thermostat is the brain of an air conditioner. For most people, their knowledge only extends to adjusting the thermostat for comfort. By adjusting the set-point, a user can control the temperature in a given space by allowing the thermostat to cycle the air conditioner on and off as needed to maintain the temperature. 

When problems start occurring in an air conditioning system, the first place to look is always the thermostat. Some problems can be solved simply by adjusting it. If the unit doesn't cycle on when the set-point is lowered, then a real problem might be present.

Some thermostats operate off of battery power, so it is important to verify its power source. A good HVAC maintenance practice is to replace the battery on a schedule just as if it were a smoke detector. Even if a thermostat doesn't require a battery, it can be useful to clean it annually when smoke detector batteries are changed. If these simple checks don't work, the problem may need a professional HVAC maintenance technician's attention.

Routine Air Filter Changes

Filter changes are the single most important action to take to practice good HVAC maintenance. Depending on the environment in and around a home, filters may need to be changed monthly to protect indoor air quality and keep grime from damaging critical air conditioner parts. When filters get too dirty, cooling bills will go up, and the home won't feel as comfortable as it should due to restricted airflow. Dirty air could even affect sleep and lower the health of those living in the home.

It can be challenging to remember when to change air filters. That's why many air conditioning contractors offer maintenance services that include filter changes. By joining HVAC maintenance programs, homeowners can take the hassle and confusion out of the most critical air conditioner maintenance step.

Regular, Professional HVAC Maintenance

Suppose someone doesn't have a knack for maintaining their air conditioner. In that case, it can be extremely beneficial to look into a membership or maintenance plan offered by a professional HVAC maintenance contractor. Contractor memberships and plans usually cost a low monthly rate.

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In return, members enjoy regular maintenance, including thermostat inspections and calibration, filter changes, coil inspection, and discounts on repairs. Savings come in lower energy bills and increased performance by the air conditioner. 

About AAA Modern Air

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