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How to Know If You Need Air Duct Repair or Replacement?

Homeowners can be losing up to 25% of their air to leaky air ducts. Damaged air ducts can cause a significant increase in utility bills because of inefficient HVAC system performance. Repairing or upgrading the air ducts could help homeowners save money on cooling costs this summer. 

Central heating and air systems use a network of air ducts in the walls to distribute warm or cool air throughout the home. The ducts are an important part of the home's ventilation, but homeowners often overlook them. 

Even a small hole in the air ducts could negatively impact the efficiency of the HVAC system. There are some warning signs of damaged air ducts for homeowners, such as noisy operation, strange smells, and airflow problems. 

Catching air duct issues early on can help to save homeowners money by preventing a total system breakdown and keeping utility costs low.

The Warning Signs of Damaged Air Ductssmell

A sudden increase in power bills could result from damaged air ducts. When the air ducts are leaking or dirty, the HVAC unit has to work harder to meet the home's needs. When damaged, the air ducts may make strange banging or rattling noises in the walls. 

Inconsistent airflow could also be a warning sign of damaged air ducts. Leaks in the air ducts can prevent the air from reaching its destination. 

Air ducts contaminated with moisture or dirt may begin to smell bad as mold and bacteria growth inside the ducts. Dust from dirty air ducts could also recirculate throughout the home, making the home dirtier than usual. 





Reasons to Invest In Duct Replacement

  • Cleaner home
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce allergies
  • Improve the longevity of the HVAC system
  • Lower utility bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve temperature-regulation
Common air duct problems include holes in the ducts or weak connection points between ducts. One can repair some air duct problems, but the homeowner should invest in duct replacement if the air ducts are outdated. Duct replacement can save homeowners money by using less energy. 

Not only does installing new ducts help homeowners save money on energy bills, but new air ducts also circulate cleaner air. New air ducts can help homeowners keep cool during the hot summer months by efficiently temperature-regulating the home. 

Water and moisture in the air ducts could turn into mold, which is hazardous to human health. A pest infection, such as termites or mice, could also impact the home's ductwork. Bugs may enter the ductwork through leaks and make themselves at home inside.

Another common air duct problem is tangled ducts. Flexible air ducts could become tangled for various reasons, including being crushed by a fallen tree branch. Homeowners can look for signs of tangled air ducts in their attics and basements. 

How Air Duct Repair Services Can Help

Homeowners can do their part to extend the longevity of their ductwork by changing the air filter on time and doing annual air duct cleaning. HVAC technicians can insert cameras into the ducts to examine them for signs of damage. For some HVAC issues, such as small leaks, the technician may be able to repair the ducts. 

Duct cleaning services help to promote efficient performance, improve air quality, and extend the longevity of the ducts. Duct sealing improves the connections between ducts and seals any small leaks by wrapping the ducts in aluminum tape. 

Duct sealing can repair holes in ductwork until air duct replacement is available. Sealing the ducts can give homeowners noticeable savings on their power bills and prevent further damage. Insulating the ducts is another duct service that can promote more efficient performance. Insulating the ducts helps to prevent temperature change in the air as it travels through the ducts. 

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