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Start The New Year Out Strong With These HVAC Tips

With one year coming to a close and a new one right around the corner, this time of year is the perfect time to reflect upon things that went well last year and things that could go better next year. It’s also a good time to take on new projects or commit to learning something new.

As you start the year, consider learning some new things to help you better take care of your home. To help you do that, here are some tips to help you take better care of your HVAC unit.

Is Sun Protection Necessary?

sun protectionMany people are confused about sun protection and their outdoor HVAC unit. There is often conflicting advice in this area, with some people asserting that HVAC units should be fully covered and others advocating for simply ensuring that they’re clear of dirt, debris, and leaves.

The answer is that simply covering your HVAC unit won’t help to make it function more efficiently; however, providing shade or sun protection to your entire home can help to take the pressure off of your HVAC unit and make it more efficient to cool your home even on the hottest days.

In addition to helping you save money on your utility bill, this will help to extend the lifespan of your unit by not causing it to work as hard. So, consider some ways that you can add shade or sun protection to your entire home to help take lower your energy costs this summer.

Take a Moment to Ensure Clear Vent Circulation

If your HVAC unit isn’t heating or cooling properly, you could simply have an airflow or circulation issue. If you find that your unit isn’t working as efficiently as usual, especially in one room or area of the house, take a moment to check the ventilation all over your home. The first thing to do is to make sure that the vents are open.

clear vent circulation

Next, make sure that the vents are clear and clean. Finally, check your air filters to ensure that they’re clean. If your filters are dirty, it can restrict airflow and essentially suffocate your system. Checking your vents and filters is an easy way to make sure that your system is clean and functioning properly. It’s also a simple way to help ensure that your unit is working as efficiently as possible.

Check Your HVAC Drainage Line and Drainage Hole

hvac drainage holeWhen your air conditioner is working, it gives off some moisture and water. There is a drainage pain that collects this excess water. This water is carried out of your home through a drainage line. While most people don’t think about this drainage line much, it can easily get clogged as a result of dirt, debris, mold, mildew, or other particles.

When this happens, it can block your drainage system and result in both issues with your HVAC unit and water damage to your home. A simple way to avoid these problems is checking your drainage line and hole to ensure that they’re clear, or drain cleaning if it is not clear.

Hopefully, these HVAC tips will help you to better maintain your HVAC unit this new year. If you have any questions about these tips or your HVAC unit, contact a trusted professional for advice or to have your unit serviced.

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