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AC Evaporator Coil

Should You Have Your AC Evaporator Coil Cleaned?

Your home’s air conditioner (or AC) unit is made up of multiple components, each equally important to an efficient, working system. If even one of these components stops working for any reason, the entire system may fail, creating a hot, uncomfortable, and potentially even unlivable home. 

One of the most important components is the AC evaporator coil, which is the part of the AC unit that absorbs the excess heat in the air to keep the home cool. Failure on the part of the AC evaporator coil can happen for various reasons, one of those being a build-up of dirt and debris. This article will inform homeowners about the issues this can cause and how to keep it clean.

What A Dirty AC Evaporator Coil Can CauseDirty Evaporator Coil

A dirty AC evaporator coil can often be a massive problem for the entire AC unit. Therefore, it must stay as clean as possible. If the AC evaporator coil does get dirty, the homeowner may notice a variety of “symptoms“ such as:

  • Frost buildup on the coil
  • Higher temperatures and pressure in the AC unit and the coil itself
  • An increase in the electricity bill
  • An impaired ability to cool the home properly

These issues can occur with even a very light coating of dust on the AC evaporator coil. The dust acts like an insulator, which keeps the hot air in the coil, significantly reducing its ability to continue to absorb excess heat. This also means the AC unit will have to do twice as much work to cool the home. 

If a homeowner notices any of the above signs, it is imperative that they contact a professional right away to have the AC evaporator coil evaluated and repaired (if necessary).

How To Clean an AC Evaporator Coil

Woman Cleaning Dirty AC Wall Unit

The internet is full of information, some of it helpful and some of it unhelpful. Homeowners who search for ways to clean their own AC evaporator coils will likely come up with an abundance of articles that talk about various ways that they can do it themselves.

It’s important to understand that, while the information is out there, it can be dangerous for homeowners who aren’t also HVAC professionals to attempt to clean their AC unit themselves. The evaporator coil is full of a hazardous chemical refrigerant, known as freon. If this freon is inhaled in large enough amounts, it can make people very ill with symptoms like vomiting and loss of consciousness. It can also cause severe chemical burns if it touches bare skin. 

Attempting to clean the AC evaporator coils without the right tools and knowledge can lead to refrigerant leaks and spills, or damage to the HVAC unit. Avoid these issues by hiring a professional HVAC technician.

Why AC Maintenance Is So ImportantCartoon Technician Repairing AC Wall Unit

Considering how delicate the AC unit is, maintenance of the entire system is essential to keeping it running smoothly. 

AC evaporator coils should be cleaned at least once a year by a professional HVAC technician. The HVAC system as a whole, including the air conditioning and furnace, should also be inspected at least twice yearly (once before turning the AC on in the spring and again before turning the furnace on in the fall). 

Doing this not only keeps the system from breaking down and not working, but it also can reduce home energy costs by up to 30%. There may also be issues going on with the HVAC unit that wouldn’t be obvious to the untrained eye, and catching those early can be a huge cost saver.

About AAA Modern Air

A family-owned business since 1969, AAA Modern Air is located in Dania Beach, Florida. The licensed and insured company provides a range of AC services and can also help fix your dirty or damaged evaporator coil. AAA Modern Air has also won multiple awards for its “super” service.