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AC Technicians Need Both Common Hand Tools and Specialized Ones

Tools and training are important in any job. The work of an HVAC tech is no different. Because the HVAC systems have become so complex, a worker needs not only knowledge and experience but a lot of tools, both what one might find on any hardware store shelf and very specialized tools for working specifically with heating and cooling. This article will look at what is available to a technician on a fully stocked truck.

Hand Tools Used By Heating and Cooling Technicians

toolsOf course, the tools that HVAC technicians use the most are the ones that almost anyone can identify. Things like screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers are just as necessary in this work as in other construction jobs. Some of the other necessary items include:

  • Drills
  • Flashlights
  • Hacksaws
  • Allen keys or hex keys
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Pipe cutters and crimpers
  • Reciprocating saws
  • Socket set
  • Wrenches

All of these can usually be found among a homeowner's belongings, but they are necessary for the day-to-day work of an HVAC contractor.

HVAC Safety Equipment

Safety gear is incredibly important when working with heavy equipment and doing physical labor. Even a small accident can cause a nasty injury if the proper safety equipment. A tech must protect their hands with gloves and feet with steel-toed boots. Sometimes, they may use knee pads to prevent scrapes if they need to crawl around in attics or crawl spaces. Hard hats and goggles protect the head and eyes from damage. This keeps the worker safe and helps them do their job correctly and quickly.

Specialized HVAC Tools

toolsSome of the tools an HVAC technician uses are not as easily recognizable as those mentioned above. There are many specialized tools that a person might find only among the equipment of an HVAC technician. Some of these tools made the list below.

  • Coil Fin Straighteners: These look like metal combs that help return the delicate fins around the AC coils to their original shape. They are easily bent, which can affect the unit's airflow and efficiency.
  • Filter Pullers: Sometimes, changing the filter is more difficult than it sounds. A special tool called a puller is sometimes needed to grab onto the air filter so it can be replaced.
  • Gauges: These can detect pressure in the coils to reveal a coolant leak and check the pressure in other areas if needed. 
  • Infrared Thermometers: These can measure temperature in ducts and within the AC unit itself. A technician can use it to check the efficiency and whether the thermostat works accurately.
  • Leak Detectors: These tools can detect coolant leaks in the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. 
  • Multimeters: These voltage meters measure the electricity going through a circuit. They are vital for diagnosing electrical issues and doing installations.

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