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When To Consider Ductwork As Damaged

A home’s air duct system is vital to creating a comfortable home. Any damage along its length can surely compromise not just the household’s comfort but also its health and safety, which is why homeowners need to be in tune with the home’s ductwork so that they can immediately detect any problems and address them with professional solutions. The following are some of the most common signs that a home’s air duct system needs professional care.

Unusual Sounds and Odors

smellBecause a home’s system of air ducts is tucked away where it cannot be easily seen or accessed, homeowners won’t always see if there is a problem brewing in the ductwork. Instead, the other senses would often feel any sign of trouble first in the form of strange sounds and offensive odors. Any sounds coming from the vents or ductwork that don’t feel right could be because something is wrong. Clattering and rattling sounds may be due to loose pipework while rushing forced air could indicate a blockage restricting airflow within the system.

Funky odors can also point to ductwork problems that require immediate air duct repair. A rotten egg gas smell, for example, is a big red flag that requires homeowners to ventilate their homes and then vacate them ASAP because this is what a natural gas leak smells like. Other odors may indicate the presence of mold or mildew, and still, others may be caused by problems in the system’s electrical wiring.

Problems with Airflow

Air ducts are meant to allow air to flow freely around the home. Once homeowners experience problems with having too little air coming out of their vents, it reduces comfort inside the home and can make its occupants miserable. Some of the most likely reasons why this occurs include the following:

  • Clogged air ducts - any substantially sized object trapped inside the ductwork can block air passage and reduce airflow. Clogs may also result from years of dirt and dust that have built up because the ducts have never been cleaned.
  • Poor ductwork design and installation - some ductwork, unfortunately, may have been products of well-intentioned but poorly thought-of and executed design. Others may have been that way because of DIY repairs done incorrectly. In either case, having a home’s air duct system assessed by a professional is the first step to fixing any airflow problems with the ductwork.
  • A leak in the duct system - one of the most common reasons for poor airflow is a leak. Most of the time, the entire volume of air meant to arrive at its destination just doesn’t because it is escaping through a leak. Calling a ductwork repair professional to find and seal these leaks is important to restore airflow - and indoor air comfort - to its optimum level. 

A Higher Than Normal Energy Bill

billA drastic increase in energy consumption reflected directly on an unusually high electricity bill is another sign that there is something amiss at home and that the ductwork could just as much be the culprit as anything else. Suppose the current month’s utility bill is higher than what is normally billed for that month without any changes in a home’s energy consumption, taken together with other signs of a damaged air duct. In that case, it might be time to call in the pros and address the problem before the expenses get out of hand.

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