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How to Tell You Have a Broken Thermostat 

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the cooling season is over. Hot temperatures and high humidity will persist and make life uncomfortable. How much worse can it be when the thermostat isn’t working?!

Thermostats are the control center for the entire air conditioning system. Most often, thermostats don’t quit altogether when they fail. Usually, they continue to work, albeit in a diminished capacity that can cause serious consequences. Homeowners should look for signs that their thermostat isn’t acting right. Here are a few signs from local experts that can tip off homeowners that are symptoms of a broken thermostat. 


Higher Energy Bills Creeping Up 

Thermostats have incredible control over the air conditioner and, subsequently, the cost of cooling the home. Setting the thermostat lower directly affects raising the cooling bill for the next month. When thermostats start acting up, they can drastically raise cooling bills by causing the air conditioner to run more often for longer cycles. 

Replacing the thermostat gives homeowners better control over their indoor environment. A new thermostat, especially a digital or smart thermostat, can help homeowners lower their bills by scheduling the air conditioner’s work around the movements of a home’s occupants. New thermostats almost always cover their installation costs when they cause high cooling bills, so the sooner one is installed, the sooner homeowners can start to get relief from higher cooling bills. 

Inaccurate or Incorrect Temperature Readings coil

The hardware that thermostats use to read the temperature has changed drastically in the digital age. Older thermostats and even some still in service use bimetal coils or mercury switches to tell the temperature of the air in a home. Ironically, these two methods were very accurate but undesirable for other reasons, one being the safety and environmental problems of mercury in the home. 

New thermostats are more accurate with greater functionality, but over time they can lose calibration or start to read incorrect temperatures. The home will become less comfortable when this happens, and energy bills will likely start to creep up. Verify the accuracy of thermostats by simply hanging a thermometer on the wall next to it. If it reads inaccurately to more than a degree or two, that thermostat is likely costing too much money in cooling costs and should be replaced. 

Short Cycling and Hard Starts on AC Equipment 

Thermostats tell cooling equipment when it should run and for how long. Faulty thermostats will fail to do this. This may not sound like a serious problem, but it has short and long-term consequences for comfort and the longevity of cooling equipment. 

Short cycling is when an air conditioner turns on and runs for a short period. This causes unnecessary wear and tear on cooling equipment while also failing to cool the home. Short cycling too many times can destroy cooling equipment. All the while, the home will still be too hot. A new thermostat is often all it takes to restore comfort and reliability to the cooling equipment. 

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