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How to Tell If the Ductwork Needs Help

For homeowners, it seems there’s always something that needs to be fixed. Either there’s a leaking faucet, a sinkhole growing in the backyard, destroyed shingles on the roof from a recent storm, or some other emergency that pops up suddenly. Leaking ductwork is another common problem.

The average home loses 20-40% of the air that circulates through the ducts, which can disrupt the home’s temperature and cause poor indoor air quality. In this article, homeowners can learn about when ductwork needs to be replaced and how to clean ducts properly. It will also discuss the two cost options that homeowners have: the cost of improving ductwork and the cost of leaving broken ductwork as is.

Common Signs That Your Ductwork Needs to Be Replaced

duct replacementDuctwork problems are very common in most homes. As mentioned, the average home loses 20-40% of the air circulating the home from leaks in the ductwork.

Many of the signs of ductwork problems come from simply paying attention to the air quality in the home. Here are a few things to take note of:

  • Does the air feel stuffy, humid, or uncomfortable?
  • Do some rooms always feel cold, and others always feel hot?

Inconsistent temperatures and stuffy rooms are some of the key signs of failing ductwork. Also, if energy bills are higher than normal, or if exposed ducts appear damaged or loose.

These are other signs that homeowners need to pay attention to. If any of these things are spotted, it’s time to have a professional come in to check out what needs to be fixed or replaced.

Properly Cleaning Ducts

Some people are very particular about how things are cleaned, like how the laundry is folded, how the toilet is swished, or how often the countertops are sanitized. Cleaning the ductwork should be treated the same way.

If it’s not done frequently enough or thorough enough, then it doesn’t do much to improve the air quality of the home. A heavy-duty vacuum is necessary to get a deep clean in the ducts; a standard, household vacuum simply isn’t powerful enough to do the job.

clean air duct

A long hose on the vacuum is helpful to reach deep into the ducts and eliminate any mold or mildew that may be growing. And don’t forget to clean the grilles! Dust and dirt can collect on these quickly. Most homes should clean the ductwork every 3-5 years. However, if there’s someone in the home with chronic respiratory illness or asthma, it may be helpful to clean the ducts more frequently.

The Cost of Fixing Ductwork

ductwork costTo fix or not to fix. That is the constant question that homeowners will ask themselves. Is it something that really needs to be done, or can it be pushed off a while longer?

In the case of fixing, replacing, or cleaning ductwork, it shouldn’t be put off. Ductwork improvement, of course, has an upfront cost. However, it is more expensive in the long-run to leave things broken.

Leaking ductwork can cost homeowners extra money every month from higher energy bills, and it can negatively impact the respiratory health of those living in the home if the air quality is poor.

When it comes to the well-being and comfort of those living in the home, it’s easy to see how the cost of fixing ductwork is well worth it.

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