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HVAC History: Who Invented the Air Conditioner?

Throughout history the human race has sought out ways to be more comfortable. In warm climates, people seek out ways to cool down, such as swimming, lying in the shade, and air conditioning. Almost all Ft. Lauderdale homes and business are equipped with some type of air conditioning, including central air systems, swamp coolers, window/wall units, and fans. Air conditioning creates more comfortable conditions by cooling and circulating air throughout the structure.

Ft. LAuderdale, FL HVAC HistoryThe Air Conditioning of Ancient Times

The idea of air conditioning dates back to ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and even the Chinese dynasties. Various scientific discoveries by renowned scientists, such as Benjamin Franklin and Michael Faraday, provided much of the foundation for the development of modern air conditioning. Fans of modern air conditioning owe their thanks to Willis Carrier, an engineer who is credited with inventing modern air conditioning.

Different Kinds of Cooling

Modern air conditioning utilizes cooling through a refrigeration cycle, evaporation or free cooling. Willis Carrier developed the first modern day air conditioning unit in New York in 1902. The Carrier air conditioner controlled both air temperature and humidity. His invention sent air through cold coils filled with cold water. Carrier's air conditioning invention first began to be used in industrial settings and later was developed for residential use. Residential air conditioning became increasingly more popular in the 1950s.

Innovators in the Field

Over the years, several innovators contributed to the development and technology behind the air conditioning we enjoy today. This includes Stanley Cramer, who actually created the term "air conditioning," Charles Gates, who had the first home installed with air conditioning, and David St. Pierre DuBose who designed a duct and vent system similar to the central air systems common today.

Developments in mechanical cooling, electromechanical cooling, and refrigerant processes have made air conditioning a much simpler and efficient luxury. Air conditioning continues to see extensive technological improvements and units are becoming more energy efficient, quieter and more compact. HVAC technicians are required to remain up to date on various technological advances in order to help their customers be informed.

An HVAC Company will be well familiar with the recent developments in air conditioning to help you assess your current HVAC needs. Contact an HVAC professional to learn more about what options are available to make your home more energy efficient.

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