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Indoor Air Pollution

Ft. Lauderdale Air QualityAlthough most people are primarily concerned with the air quality that is present outdoors, indoor air quality is just as important to pay attention to due to the effects that it can have on the residents' health.

There are many factors of indoor air pollution which consist of ventilation, pollution, pets, radon, particles, and humidity levels.

Each of these must be taken into account when determining the indoor air quality of a home and how pollution can be prevented.

1. Keep the Home Properly Ventilated

Proper ventilation is one of the most important factors that contribute to indoor pollution, making it important to keep windows open throughout the day to allow fresh air in.

Modern homes are prone to trap too much pollution indoors and prevent air from circulating. You can test the air for certain toxins or chemicals each month to determine if the air is healthy. Radon and mold are easy to detect with air sampling.

2. Avoid Using Toxic Chemicals

Many people use chemicals for cleaning on a regular basis in the home, which can be toxic to the health. Switch to using natural products that can be homemade or contain safe ingredients. It's also important to be aware of chemicals that are often brought into the home.

Dry cleaned clothes are known to contain a long list of chemicals. Approximately 82 percent of homes do not contain healthy air standards, making it important to use a professional air testing service in your local area.

3. Use Household Plants

Household plants are not only decorative but can also be used to clean the indoor air of the home by removing toxins that may be present. English ivy and Boston ferns are the most effective at improving the indoor air quality.

4. Use an Air Purifier

Using an air purifier with a HEPA filter will make it easier to breathe due to pet dander or dust mites that are removed from the air. This can alleviate allergies and any respiratory issues that may have developed. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will also work well at keep chemicals and toxins at bay when used on floors and even upholstered furniture pieces.

5. Use Floor MatsFt. Lauderdale Cooling

Floor mats are extremely effective at collecting chemicals from the dirt off of shoes at various points of entry throughout the home. Pesticides and pollutants will easily wipe off onto mats instead of settle into carpets or on floors.

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