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Thermostat Services


Ft. Lauderdale Cooling There are many homes that have a thermostat installed in it that controls the heating and cooling in their homes. Many of these thermostats may be outdated or they may be malfunctioning which can lead to a residence being under-serviced, or over-serviced, for heating and cooling.

This can lead to a feeling of discomfort by the residents of the dwelling as well as rising utility costs because of the heating and cooling units running more than they need to. A new thermostat will not only allow for the proper operation of the heating and cooling equipment, but can also give the homeowner a plethora of high tech options.

What Are the Benefits of a New Thermostat?

There are many benefits to having a new thermostat installed in a home. First and foremost is the increase in efficiency that one gets from a new thermostat. Many of the older thermostats operate via a mercury switch that completes a circuit when the house needs heating and cooling.

Many of these types of switches, over time, malfunction and this can cause a loss of efficiency with the thermostat. A new thermostat will allow for better efficiency of the units by working better than the old, and outdated mercury switches.

Many of the new thermostats also have the ability to be controlled remotely via a cellphone or personal computer. This means that a resident can control, and monitor, the heating and cooling that is going on in their house remotely.

Not only this, but many of these thermostats also can be programmed so that a user can select the desired heating and cooling for different periods in a single day. These features are what are causing more and more people to have these products installed in their homes.

How Can a Damaged Unit Affect Your Home?

If a thermostat is improperly working it may not allow the heating or cooling units to turn on. This means that a house may not be cooled or heated properly.Ft. Lauderdale Thermostat Installation

If a sound is not heard from the thermostat when the desired temperature is set for the heating or cooling unit to turn on, or turn off, then the thermostat should be looked at as a suspected cause and a professional should be called in order to have them troubleshoot the problem and replace the thermostat.

Keep your Ft. Lauderdale area home under control by updating your thermostat today! Call the professionals of AAA Modern Air at (954) 241-2523 for expert advice and quality installation.