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There are many benefits to upgrading to an electric thermostat, but let’s face it; the most important one is to help save you money. Even the most frugal of you will not remember that you need to turn the temperature up or down every single time. Not only will this cause you discomfort, but until your heating or cooling unit gets the temperature back to where you prefer it, during the harshest parts of the seasons it can eat up a lot of energy as well.

What most people don’t realize is that with older thermostats the unit will continue to run until the temperature is manually changed. Because we are creatures of habit, it can also be said that our habits will keep us out of home for a good part, if not, most of the day. That being said, there simply isn’t any need for your house to be warmer or cooler while you are gone. Not only is this a waste of energy, but you are paying for a service that you aren’t using!

This is where having an electric thermostat is so important for your day to day routine. With today’s advances in technology, not only can you find a thermostat that is programmable, but one that is cheap as well. In fact, chances are that by installing a thermostat that is programmed to run your heating or cooling unit only when you are going to be home, you are going to make back the money you paid on the new thermostat with-in a very short time.

Most electric thermostats are programmable to meet your weekly schedule, while some others can also be set up to meet your needs on the weekend or whenever you are going to be away from home for a certain length of time. Naturally, the more bells and whistles that it comes with, the more you are going to pay for it. The important thing we’re looking to do here is to create an automated timer for your heat and cooling that will save energy and money.

Going Green and looking for ways to save energy around home? This is an excellent way to do so for those of you who simply can’t go completely without. A programmable thermostat will allow for your AC/Heating unit to be shut off while you are gone and begin to heat or cool right before you are home. Whatever your needs, the benefits are far greater than you can imagine.