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10 Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for Summer

Ft. Lauderdale CoolingThe heat of the summer months can become uncomfortable for you and your family. Thankfully, there are ways that can eliminate or decrease this type of discomfort. With these helpful tips any homeowner will be able to beat the heat this summer.


One way to beat the heat is by investing in blinds or shades. Blinds and shades help to keep sunlight from entering into your home. This will be important on hot days because if you use the blinds and shades to block the sun you will be able to block some of the heat.


Make sure that your HVAC system filters are changed. Dirty filters can cause your AC unit not to work at its optimal level, which means your home will be less cooled.

AC Unit

During the fall and winter months your AC unit can be exposed to various climates and environmental conditions that can prevent it from working efficiently. Before the summer months began, be sure to hire a technician to properly clean your AC unit so that it is able to provide cool air to you and your household.

Test your AC

Also, before the summer heat begins test your unit. Place the thermostat settings to cool in order to make sure that your unit is able to produce cool air.


Ceiling fans are a great way to beat the summer heat. When you add ceiling fans to your home, you will be able to disperse the cool air from the AC units. Also, with the help of ceiling fans you will be able to transfer the heat from your lower level rooms into the attic.


A home that is properly insulated has more advantages than just helping during the cold months. A properly insulated home can help to keep the heat out and the cooler air in.

Light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs such as the conventional incandescent bulbs have been known to produce unnecessary heat while providing your home with light. In order to decrease the amount of heat emitted, switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs because they create less heat.


Appliances can also create heat within your home. This heat usually radiates from the back of the appliance when it is turned on. In order to reduce the amount of heat created from such appliances, turn appliances that are not in use off.

Air ducts

Make sure your air ducts are free from blockage and leaks. Blockage and leaks can cause your home not to be properly cooled by your AC Unit.

Preventative ServicesFt. Lauderdale Air Conditioning

Last but not least make sure to keep your AC unit serviced. This can help to prevent breakdowns that can cause your family to experience much discomfort during the hot summer months.

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