Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Fort Lauderdale

Want to extend the life of your air conditioning unit? Call AAA Modern Air at (954) 921-4486 today! Keeping you cool is our specialty. We offer routine AC maintenance as well as a yearly preventative plans to keep your unit running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible!

AAA Modern Air - Fort Lauderdale air conditioner maintenance services

"Making Sure That Your A/C System is Regularly Cleaned and Serviced can Help to Prevent Costly Heating and Cooling Bills" (FPL).

Protect Your Investment - We Can Help!

Are you looking to lower your utility bill? Want to reduce or eliminate costly repairs? Looking to extend the life of your equipment and increase the performance of your comfort system? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this plan will be beneficial to you. Our Maintenance Program offers you two air conditioning inspections for the year, 20% off repairs and no diagnostic or emergency call fees.

Join Now & Save 20%

AAA Modern Air Conditioning Yearly Maintenance Agreement Includes:

  • 20% discount on all repairs
  • [2] complete maintenance inspections
  • Never pay emergency service charges
  • No service call charges or fees
  • Inspection of coils
  • Clean air filter(s)
  • Flush out drain lines
  • Clean and check condensates pump
  • Apply Algae treatment
  • Calibrate and check thermostat
  • Check Freon pressures and oil fan motors
  • Check blower and inspect heating section
  • Check electrical components and temperature splits

Benefits of Maintenance Plan Membership

  • Lower operating costs: Well maintained equipment uses less energy
  • Longer equipment life: Well maintained equipment lasts longer
  • Fewer repairs: Equipment that is regularly maintained normally have less costly repairs
  • Safer system: Equipment that is clean and well maintained will ensure a healthy indoor air environment for your family

Protecting your investment is imperative to 100% satisfaction. At AAA Modern Air, we strive to provide you with the reassurance and security of your purchase.

It's recommended that you have your air conditioner checked at least twice a year. We know in South Florida there is nothing worse than your air conditioner being out of service in the peak of the summer. A regularly scheduled maintenance could help find problems before they manifest. Call today 954-921-4486.

Want to extend the life of your AC unit? Call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 921-4486! We'll keep your air conditioner running smoothly.