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Ft Lauderdale AC Coil Repair
The air conditioning system helps keep a home cool in the summer. Other products can do a good job of keeping an individual or a single room cool, but a central air conditioning system cools the rooms throughout an entire home. If the home owner has thermostats and the proper vents installed, he can control the temperature in each room individually. As long as the unit is functioning properly, the home owner may give it no further thought.

If a home owner or resident wants to keep his central AC unit functioning properly, proper AC maintenance is a must. The filters used by most popular brands need to be replaced on an annual basis. If the unit operates in a climate where warm temperatures are common throughout the year, the filters may need to be replaced every six months. The compressor coils, a different part of the machine's function need to be cleaned out on a regular basis as well. No machine will last forever, but a person can get the most out of his equipment when he treats it well.

The coil compressors do not need to be cleaned out as often as the filters do. It's part of standard AC maintenance. The compressors need to be serviced about every two years. The coils should need to be replaced infrequently. When they do need to be replaced, the owner may need to decide whether it is more worthwhile to repair the air conditioner or replace the unit. Since they break down infrequently, it may be that parts for a particular model are no longer made by the time one actually does need to be replaced. If the person who makes the decision decides to replace the coils, he may not want to do so himself. In fact, it is often a good idea not to do so unless the individual who intends to do the repair job is a certified HVAC technician.

When the AC compressor needs to be serviced or replaced, a home owner can save himself time and frustration by having a professional perform the needed AC maintenance on a regular basis. Most air conditioning and heating services will remind their clients of when services are needed. The client is under no obligation to act upon these suggestions, although he probably should not ignore them. Ignoring regularly scheduled AC maintenance can cause the AC to have a much shorter lifespan than it might have had otherwise.