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Keep Your Home at This Temperature During Winter

Everybody loves saving money, but nobody likes feeling too hot or too cold. In winter, this can be tough to negotiate, because fluctuating temperatures outside can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. There are even some days when you don’t know whether you should have the furnace or air conditioning running, and this can lead to high energy bills and uncomfortable houses.

If this struggle sounds familiar, don’t worry—you're not alone, and there are answers. Here are some ideal thermostat numbers you can use to maintain a steady and even temperature inside your house this winter, regardless of what it’s doing outside.

When the Weather Is Below 55 F

When you live in a place that’s as warm as it is here, you tend humidifier_staywarm_winter_360to get used to feeling warm, so winter temperatures can be quite a shock when they do arrive. Consequently, it can be tempting to turn on the furnace and keep it running non-stop when the temperatures start to drop during the cooler months.

But for the sake of energy conservation and your wallet, there is an ideal temperature that you should set your thermostat. Set your furnace to 68 F when the temperatures outside drop lower than 55 F, and that way you'll be able to:

  • Keep your house at the right temperature
  • Save money
  • Run a more energy-efficient house

Too cold? Try running a humidifier. The moist air will make the air feel warmer, and help the air retain more heat.

When the Weather Gets Above 55 F

On the contrary, when the weather is warm or fluctuating at the end of winter, it can also be tempting to turn on the air conditioning to keep the house cool. But when the temperatures start to rise above 55 F, you should set your air conditioner to 76 F so that it doesn’t come on unnecessarily. Better yet, turn off the air conditioning completely and open the windows instead. Not only will this save energy and money, but the fresh air will also feel great.

When Everyone is Sleeping

how_old_is_your_thermostat-jpg_360While some people like to be warm and cozy when they sleep, humans get a better rest when the temperature in the room is somewhat cooler.

In fact, the ideal temperature for sleeping seems to be around 62 F, so make sure you lower your thermostat each night before you go to bed. Not only will this temperature help you fall asleep faster, but it will also promote a better sleep.

Chilly feet? If your feet get cold at night, this can wake you up or prevent you from sleeping properly. Try putting on a pair of warm socks to keep your feet toasty, or put a hot water bottle at the bottom of the bed.

There are lots of things you can do around the house to winterize and weatherproof your house, and if you'd like more tips and tricks, call the experts at AAA Modern Air. We can help with all your thermostat, air conditioning, and furnace needs, and can answer all your questions about ideal temperatures for your house this winter. Call us today at 954-921-4486 to chat or book an appointment.