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Air Conditioning Repair Tips from the Pros

Every air conditioning and HVAC specialist has a specific method they employ when answering house calls. Problems with air conditioning units may not be immediately apparent, so troubleshooting becomes an important part of the process.

While a major AC repair should always be left to the professionals, in many cases, much of the troubleshooting can be done even before they get called. This article will share some of the easiest tips expert air conditioning contractors use when diagnosing a repair issue with your HVAC system.

Is Your Thermostat Working?

thermostats This first step might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s the source of more problems than you realize. Checking your thermostat can solve a variety of issues with an air conditioner unit that has ceased to work correctly.

If your AC isn’t working, give your thermostat a good look. Check all the settings and even reset the thermostat if you need to. It could be on the wrong setting, might have gotten bumped into the “off” setting, or could be lacking battery power to function properly.

A lack of batteries contributes to many “malfunctioning” AC units. If the wires connecting your thermostat to the AC unit have gotten chewed or shorted out, you’ll also experience “problems” with your AC unit.

When Was the Air Filter Last Changed?

After you’ve checked your thermostat, the next place to look is the air filter. While it may go forgotten, an AC air filter is the second most common cause of AC problems. Why? When AC filters don’t get changed, they get clogged up with dirt, dust, debris, and dander.

Air filters are in place to help clean the air you breathe. Over time as they do their job, they trap dirt and debris. If not regularly changed, they will get clogged up and cause your air conditioning unit to run slower and work harder than you’re used to.

air filters

You could end up experiencing uneven cooling, less ability to cool, and an overall sluggishness with your unit. Simply changing the air filter could save you an entire repair bill. Change out your filter and see if your unit improves. If it does, the problem is solved! If that did the trick, be sure to continue changing your filters once a month to maintain optimal working conditions for your unit.

Always Keep Your AC System Clean

clean system Not only will your air filters get clogged if they’re not regularly changed, but your entire AC unit can get bogged down by dirt and debris if it isn’t cleaned. Central air conditioning units get put through a lot and in many areas, are used year-around.

While they go largely ignored until they stop working, the units themselves are working overtime to keep your home cool and temperature-controlled.

Not only do your air filters need cleaning, but the entire AC unit needs a regular cleaning at least once each season. This can easily be done by an AC technician and will prevent bigger issues from arising later due to a lack of maintenance.

Trusted, Local AC Technicians

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