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Sep 12, 2011
When there is an emergency situation, such as a temporary power outage, Spot Air can offer a most welcome solution with spot cooling and temporary air climate control options. Portable air conditioning will be in demand after natural disasters such as severe weather, hurricane aftermath and other power disruptions. Access to cooling equipment that is portable can save lives as well as keep things cool. It is calming to know that in advance of potentially disruptive circumstances, emergency commercial air conditioning equipment and systems can be put in place to provide seamless operational services in the event of widespread power outages or even for setting up of cold and hot sites for transitional operational provisions.

Spot Air can fully equip a hot site with on the spot air conditioning equipment in short order. There are many options available such as air and water cooled portable units and units that are mounted on trailers that can be leased for temporary use. These units can power any emergency configuration and range in sizes that can be from. 5 up to 25-tons each. Fleets of units can be rented for any scale of demand.

There are a variety of spot climate control units available to shore up an emergency or a temporary site for heating and cooling. The reverse-cycle heat pump will supply much needed heating in areas of office spaces, apartments, hospitals or other large facilities that suddenly have a need. Not only are these units available for rent but they are also available for purchase for permanent heating and cooling requirements.

There is no need to be without cool conditions in the heat of the summer because of a wide spread power outage. Plan the control center of a temporary hot site effectively by having the right size unit in place for all seasons. There are heat pumps and water cooled or air cooled units of all sizes available for lease to provide essential climate control for any type of site for the short term or the long term. The service provided by this kind of mobile, temporary spot cooling and heating equipment is invaluable to operations that must care for the elderly, the infirm, infants and newborns as well as special guests and participants of special events, production projects, construction projects, mobile labs with delicate research materials and equipment that must be kept cool, server farms and computer hubs and the list goes on. Never let a power disruption put any operation in jeopardy again, with spot climate control equipment that is readily available.