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Sep 6, 2011
During the hot summer days we always want our air conditioning to be working well, whether it is the air conditioning in our homes or the air conditioning system in the family car. An AC flush is a service or preventative maintenance that can be performed on automotive cooling systems to clean sludge and sediment from the hoses and drains and all parts of the air conditioning unit while checking for leaks. Cleaning the system helps prevent damage to the compressor and other parts of the system like the condenser. An AC system flush involves running a liquid solvent through, with vacuum pressure to clean the inside components of your air conditioning unit.

Car care professionals will tell you that any time you need to open your AC system for service or repairs it is wise to have a flush as well because a clean system is less likely to have the problem recur. A clean, flushed system lasts longer so preventative or planned maintenance checklists should include this scheduled AC maintenance. From a scheduling point of view it is a good practice to schedule an AC flush in the spring so you and your AC system will be ready for sweltering days. Avoid delays by getting your service on the calendar early. When the system has been idle all winter there is an opportunity for problems to arise or to become greater if they already exist. You will save money and protect your investment, while remaining cool and comfortable. Having a scheduled flush should let your technician note any potential problems and take care of them in advance. No one wants to be waiting for air conditioning repair on days that reach into the 90's and 100's. A ruined compressor is expensive to replace.

When an your AC service is being done, the technician will run an approved solvent through the cooling system to dissolve buildup and clean out the hoses and the complete system. He will use equipment designed to run the cleaner through and then clean and remove the solvent from the system along with any debris that is found. While doing this the hoses and joints and "O" rings will be tested. In fact, during a service like this is the perfect time to look at anything that potentially fail later in the summer and get it replaced now.

A professional AC service technician is responsible for the disposal of any evacuated coolant in an approved manner when completing an AC flush.