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Flu Season - How to Keep Air-borne Viruses Under Control in Your Home

With the flu season upon us, there are many people who are concerned with staying healthy this year. For the best protection, start in the home. Since the flu virus is airborne, this can take a bit of effort but you can protect yourself and your Ft. Lauderdale home with the right steps.

Ft. Lauderdale Air Quality Humidity Control

There have been countless research studies conducted to determine the best environment for the flu virus and unfortunately, one with low humidity us believed to help it survive. To combat this, you need to increase the humidity in your home from the typical 10% in the winter to 40-60%.

You can purchase a hygrometer from your local hardware store to see how much humidity you have in your home and if it is low, purchase a portable humidifier to increase the humidity and decrease the prevalence of the flu virus in your home by up to 30%.

Air Purification

Many people already know that you should clean surfaces in your home to remove viruses but for the particles still flying in the air, they usually get away from you. The recycled air of the winter can be terrible for your family if the virus is inside. To combat this consider purchasing a portable air purifier for the rooms you spend a lot of time in.

These air purifiers can circulate air several times per hour and clean the air as they do. They can even remove the tiny microbes in the air that contain the cold and flu viruses. If you are going to clean your home, do not forget to clean the air with an air purifier.

Wash Hands and Surfaces

There are many things you can do to reduce the likelihood of getting sick at home but if you do not take preventative measures like washing your hands frequently during the day, you still have the possibility of getting sick. Take care of yourself and the areas you frequent by washing your hands, avoiding touching your mouth or face, and keeping surfaces in your home and office clean and disinfected.

Taking these precautions will give you the best fighting chance of avoiding the flu this season in your Ft. Lauderdale home. The flu can be anywhere but doing things to keep the air in your home clean will keep you and your family healthy. These steps will help you stay healthy this winter when the flu is prevalent.

Keep your Ft. Lauderdale home free from the flu. Call AAA Modern Air today at 954-241-2523, for air filtration and more!