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myth-or-factCommon AC Myths

Talk to you friends or neighbors, and you’ll notice that everyone seems to be an expert on AC services. No matter who you ask, they’ll have some advice on what you should do or not do with your air conditioning system. The problem with this is that there are numerous AC myths out there that almost everyone believes. In this post, we’re going to dispel some of the most common AC myths you may have heard.

Myth 1: You Don’t Need to Hire a Specialist to Change Your Air Filter

While this myth may be technically true, the benefits of hiring an AC specialist to change the filter outweigh the money or time you may save trying to do it yourself. Specialized technicians are trained to do things the right way.

They know their way around most AC models and can easily figure out the most efficient and effective means to replace the AC filter. At the same time, a trained expert will also be able to spot any inconsistencies or problems with the filter, which could save you hundreds of dollars down the road on an unexpected repair.

Myth 2: Moving the Thermostat All the Way Up or All the Way Down Will Quickly Heat or Cool Your Buildingthermostat-up-or-down

We’ve all been there, getting home from work only to find your thermostat set to an uncomfortable temperature while you are away. But will setting the temperature all the way up or all the way down help you reach your desired temperature more quickly?

The answer to that question is no. Setting your thermostat higher or lower than your desired temperature will only cause the AC to work longer and harder, which will result in a higher energy bill and less efficient AC unit. For best results, set the thermostat to the temperature you want and wait for it to reach it.

ceiling-fanMyth 3: You Don’t Need a Fan if You Have an AC

Using a ceiling fan in addition to your AC is a great way to save money on energy costs and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Most of the discomfort from a hot room comes from the stillness in the air.

With a ceiling fan, you can turn your thermostat up 2 or 3 degrees and still maintain comfort. This will reduce your AC costs and take some pressure off the unit on very hot days.

Myth 4: If it’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix it

Many people will scoff at the idea of preventative maintenance for their AC system, but the simple fact is that preventative maintenance and regular AC inspections are the best way to save money and prevent unexpected breakdowns. With annual or bi-annual maintenance, your AC can become fine-tuned to work at peak efficiency throughout the season.

Additionally, spotting a small problem before it becomes a huge issue will also save you money down the road when the unit fails. Traditional air conditioners are also designed to work efficiently for about 10-15 years. With preventative maintenance, you can get the most out of your system and extend the life of your AC further.

When it comes to taking advice on your air conditioning system, don’t believe everything you read or hear. There are a lot of myths out there that can only be busted by professional HVAC experts. For help with your AC system in Fort Lauderdale, FL, call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 921-4486.