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Home Maintenance Checklist for Summertime

The sunshine has finally appeared after a long hard year. Take advantage of the good warm weather to get outdoors and get a head start on your home maintenance. It is time to look for any damage and make the needed repairs.

It is also time to make sure that all your warm weather necessities like lawn care equipment, and air conditioning units are ready for utilization for the even warmer months ahead.

Coming up with a checklist of the things you want to accomplish is a good starting point. A well-developed checklist helps you strategize and prioritize the tasks that need immediate attention right away and those that can wait a little while longer. Here is a home maintenance checklist for warm weather.

Exterior Inspection

Taking inspection walks around your home especially after winter has passed is an excellent idea. This is because winter is tough on the exterior of your home compared to its interior.

• Inspect your roof.

You don't have to climb your roof to spot trouble unless you are very comfortable with it. A pair of binoculars and keen eyes will work just fine. If you are comfortable using a ladder, get on top of your roof and give it a thorough inspection. In so doing, this could save you a lot of headaches and probably a huge bill later.

Look for any shingle-shift or damage that may have occurred during the colder weather. Look for any missing shingles or any fasteners that need replacing. Also, inspect for nail pops or any cracked shingles. Warm weather is sometimes accompanied by winds, and your roof should, therefore, be kept at a peak performance. If the damage is anything you are unable to replace, hire a professional roofer for the next steps.

• De-Clutter the Gutters

When it comes to home maintenance checklists, cleaning your gutters is probably the most important of them all. Making sure that your gutters are debris free is important. Remove all the dead leaves and junk from the cold weather that is left to decay in your gutters. Once all the clutter is removed, wash your gutters thoroughly using plain water. Don't forget to check for any cracks or loose screws that are apparent.

• Test & Lubricate the Garage Door

Garage-door-maintenanceOpen your garage door to look and listen for any signs of trouble. The cold weather takes a toll on a garage door and garage door openers. The doors contract and expand as weather changes from cold to warm. It is important to test whether the door is opening and closing properly in preparation for the warm weather.

Test to see if your garage door has a squeaking sound. The source of such a noise is mainly from rollers, hinges, and the chain. Clean the rollers and spray them with some lubricant to loosen up the moving parts and prevent dirt and grime from building up. Don't forget to test if you're garage door sensors are functioning accordingly.

Interior Inspection

• Home Insulation

Proper insulation keeps your home cool during the warm weather. Mold growth in the basement and the attic is a sign that your home is not well insulated. Inspect your attic, your exterior walls, floors, and foundation walls. Upgrade your insulation if there are indications of poor insulation.

• Air Conditioning

your-home-insulationMake sure that your air conditioning units are in a good working order in preparation for the warm weather. Vacuum any dirt or dust that may have settled on your units and their connections to increase their effectiveness. If your units have performance problems, they need to be fixed or replaced depending on their condition.

• General Cleaning

It is a good time to clean every corner of your house including attics and basements. Vacuum your furniture and clean areas of your house that go neglected.

Check for insect and critter colonies while cleaning your attic. Search for mold and clean it out if there is any. Ventilate your attic to deter mold growth and for proper insulation.

Outdoor Areas

• Reseed Damaged Areas

Warm weather is ideal for planting and growing grass and flowers in your yard. It is also the perfect time to repair any damage that occurred during the other seasons of the year. Remove the damaged grass or any other plant and reseed the area to start new growth. Be generous while applying fertilizer to the barren area.

• Maintain Your Lawns

mow-your-lawnClean your lawn by removing any debris and leaves that might suffocate the grass below. Warm weather also provides optimum conditions for weed growth.

Use organic herbicides that will prevent and choke the weeds before they start growing. Don't forget to check your outdoor water system including your sprinklers, pipes, and faucets to make sure they are working in order.

• Prepare Garden Beds

Dedicate your time in the warm weather to prepare your garden bed for the long growing season. Decaying leaves and twigs that survived the cold weather could smother future growth if left unchecked. Rake out the leaves and replace the old mulch. Once the ground is fully thawed, apply fertilizer in preparation for the planting season.

You will likely undertake other numerous tasks to get your home ready for warm weather. Some of the home maintenance tasks on your checklist will require close and careful inspections by qualified professionals as they may result to repair projects.

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