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3 Home Insulation Tips

Home Insulation Tip One: Complete a Home Inspection

Our Ft. Lauderdale customers are often concerned about the high utility bills for cooling their home all year, but there are simple ways to reduce the cost of keeping a home cool. The first thing that homeowners must do is complete an inspection of their home to find areas where climate-controlled air escapes and hot air enters.

These areas can include gaps around window frames along with holes where there are utility lines. Additional spaces that require more insulation are in a crumbling foundation to prevent cold floors. A home with a crawl space can benefit from having rolls of insulation attached to the bottom of the structure. If a home’s ceilings feel cold and damp, then this is an indication that the building requires another layer of roll insulation in the attic.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL insulation servicesHome Insulation Tip Two: Select the Right Types of Insulation

It is easy to find a variety of insulation at online or brick-and-mortar stores, and each type is used in different areas of a home. Large rolls of insulation are suitable for placing in an attic or on the walls in a garage. There are also precut sections of insulation that manufacturers label as batting that are simple to staple to walls and attic floors.

Ft. Lauderdale homeowners can buy self-sticking narrow strips of insulation that is sold in rolls. This variety of insulation is perfect for sealing out cold drafts that come in around windows or doors. Liquid caulking is a form of insulation that is designed to fill tiny holes and crevices inside and outside a home. To add insulation to the spaces between walls, there is a type of loose insulation that is blown into tiny holes that homeowners drill into siding.

Home Insulation Tip Three: Read Insulation Labels before Buying the Product

Companies that manufacture insulation measure its R-value to help consumers understand the product’s thermal resistance. Loose insulation blown into wall spaces may have a lower R-value than batting insulation but does not require removing a home’s siding.

The R-value for roll insulation can vary, depending on the material used to make the product. The type of insulation homeowners should buy can depend on the home’s geographic zone along with their own particular budget. To keep a home warmer, it is a good idea for our customers to invest in the highest R-value insulation.

Avoid a costly cooling bill with these tips! Call AAA Modern Air at 954-241-2523 for repairs in your Ft. Lauderdale, FL home.