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How to Keep the Temperature Consistent from Room to Room

A common question that Ft. Lauderdale homeowners ask their cooling company relates to how to keep the temperature consistent from room to room. Temperature inconsistencies are common and are difficult to live with, and this is because they can make your home's indoor climate very uncomfortable.

When you are dealing with cooler temperatures in some rooms and warmer temperatures in others, you also may have to contend with higher energy bills, extra repair bills and even reduced longevity on your system because of additional wear and tear. Clearly, this is an issue that deserves your attention and that you may want to correct as soon as possible. These tips may help you to resolve the issue quickly.

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First, think about airflow in your home. Ideally, air will flow unimpeded from one room in your home to the next, and this means that the doors need to remain open as much as possible.

In addition, turning on overhead ceiling fans is a great way to encourage the air to pass out of one room and into the next, and this can decrease the temperature differential that is causing you so many issues.

Check Your Air Ducts

With some time in your attic, you can inspect some of your air ducts on your own to determine if there are any holes or leaks. Simply inspect the duct work carefully with a flashlight, and use your hand to feel if air is blowing through the ducts. Because there are ducts that you cannot reach or see, such as those inside the walls, which may be damaged, an HVAC technician may also be called in for help. When air ducts have holes or tears, the air will not be delivered to the room where you need it. Repairing the damage can improve a temperature differential with great results.

Analyze Your Insulation

While your HVAC technician is at your house, think about getting your insulation reviewed as well. You may not have adequate insulation in some or all walls of the home or in the attic, and this may be causing the differential that you are concerned about. Adding new insulation to some or all areas can be beneficial, and the technician can notify you if this may improve your situation.

In some homes, one cause is to blame for the temperature inconsistencies. In other homes, there may be two or more causes. With this in mind, you may need to try a combination of these solutions, or your Ft. Lauderdale technician may provide you with additional insight to remedy the situation.

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