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Summer's Heating Up, But the Energy Bill Doesn't Have To

With the summer sun blazing down, it's easy to accept that the electric bill will rise in the coming months. But is it that easy? Out of all the bills during their months, most homeowners have stated that they despise it when their electric bills are higher than usual. So with summer inevitable, what if there was a way to stop the energy bill from rising when it does?

New Thermostats

thermostatNew technologies have introduced programmable or smart thermostats. These thermostats upgrade drastically from the traditional ones the grandparents used in their homes because they allow the home to be cooled at different temperatures depending on the time of day or whether owners are in their homes or away. 

These new programmable devices can save homeowners hundreds annually because they are wasting less energy cooling empty homes. This upgrade can ensure a cooling system is working smarter, not harder, especially when it comes to the summer's swelteringly humid and unrelenting heat. 

Block Drafts with Weatherstripping

Another way to slow the rise of the dreaded energy bill is to install weather stripping around the doors and windows of the home. This strip is created to seal any gaps that doors leave when slightly smaller than their threshold. The same can be said for windows. The stripping creates a tight sealant so the leaky windows will no longer let undesirably warmer or cooler air into the house. 

This added measure reduces the risk of warm air slowly seeping into the home and warming it. Thus, reducing the number of times the air conditioner will have to kick on to keep the home at the desired temperature. Weatherstripping is fairly cheap and easy to install, making this added sealant twice as valuable to a home.

AC Less, Fans More

fanLastly, the use of fans during the warmer months can help cut energy consumption growth. These can come in different shapes and sizes, from mini fans sitting on a table to box fans and overhead fans attached to the ceiling. Yes, these devices still use electricity to work, but the usage is far less than that of the air conditioner. Plus, adding fans in a home can help cool each room without running the air conditioner as much. 

These fan additions can save money in the warmer months because one can adjust their rotation to keep cooler air down towards the floor and warm air toward the roof by switching the fan's propellers counterclockwise. Fans are also safe to run when the homeowner and their family are away. A higher temperature from a thermostat can help diminish the signs of overpriced summer electric bills!

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