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Go Green and Save Green!

In March, everything turns green. Temperatures warm back up, and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, everyone decorates and dons green for good luck. With all of the green around, it is a convenient time to think about two other kinds of green: the green in people’s pockets and the green of eco-friendliness. 

Changing habits and technology around the home can go a long way towards owning a more eco-friendly home. The HVAC system is no exception. HVAC equipment accounts for massive outputs of carbon into the environment for heating and cooling. Simply by updating a thermostat, the environmental footprint of air conditioning equipment can go down, and owners can save a ton of money. Here is some information on thermostat installation from local HVAC professionals. 

Choosing Between Digital Thermostats and Smart Thermostatsletters

Technology for HVAC equipment has come a long way to maximize comfort and also energy savings. The single best improvement has been the digital thermostat. Digital thermostats revolutionized centuries-old technology to control temperatures inside the home. Old thermostats often contained mercury and were inaccurate. Digital thermostats allowed more close control over the indoor environment while also removing toxins from the air. 

The next step in thermostat technology was its fusion with smart technology. Wi-fi capable thermostats are the new gold standard for temperature control. Smart thermostats allow the user to program the system to save energy. Interactive apps allow users to easily interface with their air conditioning system to maximize comfort and savings. 

How Smart Thermostats Work

Smart thermostats save money by allowing users to not heat or cool their homes when no one is present. This simple step saves money by not wasting energy to condition air in an unoccupied place. Simply by raising the temperatures a few degrees during the day when no one is home, the thermostat will pay for itself in a very short time.


Smart thermostats work by connecting to local internet connections already present in the home. This allows homeowners to control them from anywhere in the world simply by opening an app. Smart thermostat apps can be set to automatically learn the movement patterns of a home’s occupants or be scheduled manually. 

Extra Energy-Saving Features

The first models of smart thermostats were relatively simple. They could be programmed, controlled remotely, and could learn automatically. The latest generation of smart thermostats has even better features that make them more useful and convenient. 

When shopping for smart thermostats, homeowners should consider the smart equipment already present in the home. Smart thermostats offer cross-compatibility with other smart equipment, like smoke detectors, cameras, and personal assistants, allowing them to be voice-controlled as well. 

Smart thermostats prove their usefulness at the end of every month because they can send owners a report based on their operation. This allows owners to see how their savings compare to other users in the area and track their own energy habits. 

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