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Air Duct Cleaning Basics

Due to recent global events, people are more concerned than ever about their lung health. While many people turn to sanitizers or vaccines, they often overlook one of the best things people can do to support good health. Numerous studies show that the air inside a home is much more polluted than outdoor air. Furthermore, these studies demonstrate that constant exposure to low-quality air can lower lung function and increase the likelihood of respiratory ailments.

Before sending the kids back to school, take steps to protect the family. Homeowners can stave off the inevitable wave of illnesses that kids are notorious for bringing home by ensuring the family has safe air to breathe. This year, add duct cleaning to the to-do list to improve the air quality in the home.

When Is It Time for Air Duct Cleaning?dirty air duct signs

Duct cleaning is a service recommended every three to five years in most cases for residential customers. During a duct cleaning service, powerful brushes and vacuums scrub the inside of the ductwork, loosening up dust, grime, and mildew that has accumulated inside the ductwork over the years. Some common signs that a home is overdue for an air duct cleaning are:

  • High power bills
  • Musty odors are constantly in the air
  • High humidity
  • Long cooling cycles
  • Weak airflow
  • Constant allergies or asthma problems

When these signs are noticed, then it’s time to schedule a duct cleaning. Duct cleaning services can respond quickly, and the process just takes a couple of hours.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning Servicesduct cleaning benefits

Dirty AC ducts can cause all kinds of problems that are easily avoidable. Some of the reasons to schedule air duct cleaning air:

  • Improved Lung Health: Cleaner ducts mean less mold and dust in the air. This leads to better outcomes for sinus infections, allergies, and colds.
  • Better Air Quality: Grime inside ductwork clings to moisture. This leads to higher humidity levels in the home. Removing grimey moisture sponges from inside ductwork makes the air more comfortable by reducing humidity and the accompanying musty smells.
  • Energy Savings: Dirty ducts impede airflow through the air conditioning system. Impeded airflow leads to higher cooling bills. Removing blockages allows the AC to operate at peak efficiency.

How to Keep Ductwork Clean

Since air duct cleaning isn’t usually an annual process, most homeowners want to know how to maximize the effects of their air duct cleaning and make it last for as long as possible. Luckily there are a few simple things that every homeowner can do to protect their air quality and the inside of their ductwork.

First and foremost, air filter changes. Air filters keep dust from entering the ductwork in the first place. When filters are changed every three months, the dust never has a good chance to stick inside the AC or in the ductwork.

Second, adopt good cleaning habits like:

  • Wash bedding every week
  • Launder curtains once per quarter
  • Vacuum daily
  • Dust often
  • Groom pets to reduce dander and hair

Using each of these long-term habits can keep ductwork and indoor air cleaner for longer.

About AAA Modern Air

AAA Modern Air is one of the largest AC installation contractors in the area, with over 50,000 units installed and many more satisfied customers. To protect their AC installations, they also offer duct cleaning services to keep families safe from the consequences of low-quality indoor air. Call today for trusted air duct services from Dania Beach, FL air quality experts.