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When To Replace Air Ducts or Install New Ductwork

Air ducts typically last between 10 to 15 years, but this does not necessarily mean that they will completely break down at the end of their lifespan. Regular maintenance is one possible way to keep these units functioning properly for as long as possible. But in some cases, air duct replacement is the best option. Here are some common reasons to replace air ducts or install new ductwork. 

When There’s Interrupted Airflow 

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Ductwork plays a vital role in cooling living spaces. However, their efficiency levels depend on several factors. If the ductwork is damaged, dirty, old, or clogged, it can lead to high energy bills and discomfort. 

Increased energy bills are caused by air ducts struggling to cool or heat a living space. For example, damaged ductwork interrupts the flow of air due to cracks or holes along its walls. Consequently, these units end up needing extra energy to achieve the desired temperature. 

On the other hand, discomfort occurs when air ducts are clogged or worn and fail to deliver the required air temperature into a living space. This mostly happens in hot seasons when cool air becomes a necessity. 

Mold and Odors in the Ductwork

Mold usually appears along the walls of ductwork, especially in cooler climates or seasons. When the HVAC system comes on, the air pressure spreads mold spores across the living space, creating foul odors. This could also lead to allergies and severe respiratory complications if left unresolved. 


This problem is easily solved by cleaning the air duct as well as the filter. However, the cleaning process takes time and can become complicated depending on the design of the ductwork. A full replacement is sometimes the best option for this kind of problem. 

When It’s Time To Expand the Home

One of the best times to replace air ducts or install new ductwork is during a home remodeling project. Homeowners remodel their homes for various reasons, ranging from creating more living space to finding a new buyer. Such projects provide the perfect opportunity to inspect ductworks and determine if they are in good condition or need professional help. Some great benefits for homeowners who choose to repair or replace ductwork are improved air quality, savings on energy bills, and increased property value. 

While air duct replacement and ductwork installation are important to homeowners, it is always advisable to hire a professional HVAC company to take care of this process. While the job may seem easy on paper, there are many technicalities and risks involved that make hiring experts the wisest decision. 

Licensed HVAC technicians have the proper training, equipment, and experience to handle complex air duct replacement projects. In addition, they guarantee their services, meaning they will be responsible if anything goes wrong during the process, so homeowners can rest assured their air duct will be functioning properly for years to come.

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