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Finding the Best Temperature in the Home for All Seasons

The home’s HVAC system is the key to keeping the home comfortable all year long. But it’s not just about setting the temperature to whatever feels good at the moment. Many homeowners do that and are surprised when their energy bill skyrockets. Luckily, it’s possible to find a healthy balance between comfort and efficiency. By setting the thermostat at an ideal temperature for the time of year, homeowners can be comfortable while they also enjoy high HVAC efficiency, which means saving money on energy bills. Read on to find out the best temperature for the thermostat all year round.  

Best Temperature for Fall and Winterfall

Winter in Florida isn’t like winter in other parts of the United States. Normally, the Department of Energy recommends that homeowners keep their thermostats around 68-degrees Fahrenheit during the cold winter months. However, since it seldom drops below 70 degrees in Florida, there’s little need for heaters in the wintertime. 

Instead, homeowners should look to keep their air conditioner off during the wintertime, using windows to enjoy the cool outside temperatures. For those warm days that are a little too warm to keep the AC off, keeping the thermostat around the 75 to 78 range is best. 

Best Temperature During the Spring and Summer

There are some guidelines for the spring and summer months that can help homeowners and their AC system be happy. Again from the DOE, this recommendation says that keeping the thermostat set around 78 degrees is the best way to keep the home cool and the cooling bill down. This helps minimize the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, which means the AC won’t be working as hard to keep the home cool. 

Keeping the temperature around 78 might be a little warm for some, but it’s great for keeping the humidity in the home under control, which is essential to comfort. Those that want it a little cooler should use ceiling fans that are set to rotate counterclockwise, which is the ideal direction to push air down into the room. Most ceiling fans use very little energy to run, making them a great option for keeping the home a little cooler. 

Best Temperature When No One’s Homehome

The temperatures recommended above are for the waking hours when people are at home. However, when there’s no one home, it’s a different story. Running the HVAC system when there’s no one there to enjoy the comfort it brings is a good way to waste money. So when the house is empty, homeowners should set the thermostat at above 78-degrees in the spring and summer months. For winter in Florida, homeowners will be better off just turning the system off altogether. 

Since the AC system is used more often in Florida than in other places, homeowners should schedule regular air conditioner services and thermostat services so that they can continue to enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures for many years to come. 

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