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Feeling Uncomfortable With the Current HVAC System?

The home is supposed to be a place of comfort. A place to relax and unwind. A place to cool off when it’s hot outside and warm up when it’s cold. So how comfortable is the home right now?

A home’s comfort level is easily disrupted when different parts of the HVAC system start to break down. If the heater malfunctions, the house goes from being a little chilly to being unbearable cold. If the AC unit malfunctions, the house goes from being cool and comfortable to hot and humid. HVAC breakdowns are quite a hassle, but if homeowners know the main causes of system failures, they may prevent them from happening.

Debris Collects Around the Unit

Debris collecting around the unit is one of the biggest causes of HVAC breakdowns. If the HVAC unit is covered in debris, it starts slowing the whole system down.

Leaves are floating around everywhere this time of year. Unfortunately, this can cause some problems for HVAC units that are located outside of the house. The leaves may be clogging up the unit and causing its efficiency and functionality to slow down. But units that are inside of the house can also experience clogs from debris. There could be a buildup of dust or dirt on the unit. Therefore, no matter where the HVAC unit is located, homeowners must remember to clean their unit regularly. Doing this can also extend the unit's lifespan.

The Size of Unit Makes a Difference


Another factor that makes a huge difference in the functionality of a unit is its size. If the unit is the wrong size, it may not be big enough to support all of the rooms of the house. This is especially common for homes that have had additions. If there is an extra room or multiple rooms, the HVAC system has more space to heat and cool than initially intended. It may not be equipped to handle this, causing the unit to work overtime to produce the same results. 

This can lead to faster wear and tear on the unit and its components, causing a breakdown. If homeowners have recently added onto their home and are experiencing this problem, they should contact a professional to get their unit replaced for the correct size. 

And for homeowners who are thinking about adding to their home soon, they should consult with a professional to see if they need to replace their HVAC unit.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

In some cases, it may not be the heater or AC unit that is causing the problem. When the HVAC system starts malfunctioning, this is often the first thing homeowners want to look at. But it could also be the thermostat that is causing problems. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it can’t tell the heating and cooling units to turn on or off to adjust the temperature. 


Here are a few of the most common reasons that thermostats fail:

  • When the thermostat is placed in direct sunlight or on an outside wall, it can misread the current temperature and cause the device to malfunction.
  • The thermostat sits in one spot on the wall all day, so it can easily start to collect dirt and dust. If it gets too dirty, the device can malfunction.
  • There may even be something wrong with the device from the start if there is a manufacturing defect. Always test out a new thermostat to make sure it is working properly.
  • Most thermostats last around 10 years. However, after that time, the components will start to wear down and break from old age.

Homeowners should always consider the thermostat when trying to determine why their HVAC system isn’t functioning properly.

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