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Sep 18, 2011
Are you guilty of skipping routine AC maintenance for your air conditioner so you can do away with the fees? While air conditioners are usually built to be durable, that doesn't mean we should be complacent in servicing them regularly. Here are some benefits of regular AC maintenance to convince the non-believers.

How an Air Conditioner Functions

Many are not aware of the fact that an air conditioner function less effectively by five percent as each year pass by without regular servicing. By having routine servicing, your air conditioner can maintain more than ninety percent of its efficiency. In the long run, you actually generate more savings via lower electricity bills and repair costs if you opt for regular AC service. Otherwise, you will be wondering at the increase in your electricity bills while your AC unit aren't performing as well as before.


During summer, many AC servicing firms will launch promotions to attract customers. You can take advantage of the discounts or even better, sign up for an annual plan so you won't forget about the maintenance.

AC Service

Usually, an AC service would commence by checking the compressor's amp draw and cleaning of the condensing unit coils. The fan motors will be lubricated to avoid friction. Do you find yourself wondering why switching on the AC seems to make not much of a difference in lowering the temperature of the room? The coolant level of your AC may be running low, thus heat can't be absorbed effectively. As your coolant level decreases, it takes more energy to run the AC! It is advisable to check for the coolant level on a yearly basis. More coolant will be added for replenishment so your AC can continue to function effectively.

Your Part

You can play a part in the maintenance of your AC. If your AC requires filter change, be sure to change them regularly. Keep the area near the external of your AC clean so that heat can dissipated effectively.
Routine maintenance will save you from days of discomfort and frustration when your AC breaks down, especially during warm seasons. Repair costs can be substantial compared to regular servicing, so don't let yourself get caught in this situation.

Replace or Repair

Replacing an air conditioner is expensive. It is much less expensive to maintain your air conditioner with regular AC maintenance. Over the years, making sure that your AC is working correctly will far outweigh the cost of replacement every few years.