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Save Money and the Environment by Choosing an ENERGY STAR System

For those looking to either upgrade their heating and air conditioning system or have one installed for the first time, they might be tempted to go with a system without an ENERGY STAR rating.

Ft. Lauderdale Cooling That would be a mistake. ENERGY STAR rated HVAC units are government-tested, are much better for the environment than older HVAC systems, and can save an owner thousands of dollars.

Here are a few reasons why an ENERGY STAR system, properly installed by trained technicians, is a much better choice.

It Saves the Owner Money

Heating and cooling costs account for about 50% to 70% of the energy use in a typical home, making it the biggest energy expense as well. In fact, the average home’s air conditioning system uses more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours worth of electricity per year.

Making a switch to a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR system could cut electricity use from 20% to 50% on average. That’s because ENERGY STAR air conditioners are up to 70% more efficient than older air conditioners.

A Properly Installed System Isn’t Just About the Machinery

When a new ENERGY STAR system is ordered, HVAC professionals will evaluate a home to determine the optimal size and place of the HVAC unit. Too large of a unit would be a waste of energy and money, and usually contributes to temperature swings and poor humidity control. Too small of a system means the system is on too much without cooling or heating the house properly.

When the system is installed, ducts are sealed and insulated, the volume of the air coming out of the vents is checked, and duct lines are installed without bends or kinks so that the cool or warm air has a clear, straight path to the vents. This insures maximum performance for minimum power.

ENERGY STAR systems are government-tested for efficiency

EPA-recognized labs evaluate products every year to ensure they meet ENERGY STAR standards, and even products tested previously can be spot-checked again. Energystar.gov also has a list of approved manufacturers for everything from HVAC systems to cable boxes.

It may seem like a small item, but selecting an HVAC system with the ENERGY STAR label installed by trained technicians will save money, power and headaches later on.

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