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3 Reasons to Get a UV Air Sanitizer for Your Home

We're all suckers for it. Those plug in, sprayable and automatic spraying air fresheners that make claims of odor elimination. While this may be true, those flowery air fresheners are only good for one thing; freshening the air. These scents, however, end up mixing with the smells that are already floating throughout our homes creating a new smell altogether; one that doesn't smell so great. It isn't too good for your lungs, either.

With the UV air sanitizer, your Ft. Lauderdale home could be as fresh as the outdoors minus the smells of lavender and chamomile. Everywhere people are investing in the new device that actually cleans their air leaving their homes odorless.

Now I know words like "invest" can make something so futuristic sound pretty expensive, but it isn't! That isn't even the best part, there are tons of benefits that come with the purchase of a UV air sanitizer.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL UV Air SanitizingElimination of Germs

The UV air sanitizer brings the same sanitation techniques used in hospitals to your home. With the use of the UV light, all of the harmful airborne bacteria that may be floating through the air are virtually vaporized. This device kills up to 99.9% of all airborne germs making your home as safe as possible for your family.

No Harmful Chemicals

This device not only eliminates germs, it makes the use of chemicals found in traditional air freshener sprays obsolete. Some sprays can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks; the UV air sanitizer doesn't use any of this making it safe to use for families with members that may have respiratory problems that could be worsened by the use of chemicals.

Longer Lasting

We all know how the scents in plug ins and air fresheners eventually vanish, and expose the horrid smell it was masking. Well with the UV air sanitizer, there is no masking. The UV light eliminates the smells in the air instead of trying to cover them up. In turn, it makes the air fresher and safer for months, and your family won't live with the impending fear of the previous odor returning. With your new UV air sanitizer, you'll never buy another can of freshener or refill for your plug in; The most you'll ever do is change the bulb!

Fight bacterial issues in your Ft. Lauderdale, FL home today! Call AAA Modern Air at 954-241-2523, so we can eliminate the germs!