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Several technologies exist nowadays to accommodate general health. One factor that affects the well-being is the quality of air. This needs to be accounted for in multiple settings—homes, schools and other public facilities that serve a numerous amount of traffic. Understanding how good air quality can be generated and what can hamper it is vital to all.

There are different reasons for a negative atmospheric environment. Mold is common and comes in spores that travel in the air. Cigarettes are well-known poison sources, along with pesticides and volatile organic compounds (chemicals in paint supplies, building materials, etc.). Combustion pollutants produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, both colorless and odorless impacts that tampers with oxygen. They are born from regular appliances such as wood and gas stoves, water heaters and dryers. Another no-no is radon, a gas that is soil borne and comes through cracks and openings of a building. Asbestos is also harmful and is popular in building materials.
Those with asthma and respiratory problems are more subject to being affected. Other symptoms are irritated and/or burning eyes, headaches and fatigue. Chronic exposure can lead to more severe diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and in rare cases, death.
Fortunately, many solutions have been formulated to treat debilitating consequences. Ensure clear ventilation in bathrooms, kitchen fans and air ducts. A humidity gauge helps by lowering the amount of moisture in the air, controlling the amount of mold. There are many types of alarms that alert one to certain atmospheric events as well. More complex methods include neutral electrolyzed water, a disinfectant that replaces sodium hypochlorate. It has been noted in studies to reduce the amount of pathogens that lives in food, such as salmonella, listeria mobnocytogenes, Escherichia coli and Erwinia carotovora. A particulate filtration uses different technology to trap differently sized air particles through the use of glass and polymer fibers. Gas sorption comes in devices that reduce gaseous elements. With decisive action, it is possible for one to make sure they are always living in an optimum setting.
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