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7 Deadly Signs of an Inefficient HVAC Unit

Ft. Lauderdale CoolingThe average homeowner may be under the impression that their HVAC unit is performing as it should. More often than not, it will still operate in a satisfactory manner, all the while building up to the imperfect crash. There are several signs that the HVAC unit is heading for trouble, here are just seven of the more obvious ones.

1)-The Perfect Size

One of the main reasons for contacting a professional when it comes to your HVAC unit is because they understand that one size doesn't fit all. One of the seven signs that your unit is in trouble is a strain on the equipment because it is too small.

The Right Measurement

2)-Missing The Mark: Refrigerant is an essential part of every HVAC operation; however, if there is not enough in the unit, the result will be unattainable temperatures.

3)-The Flip Side: On the other hand, if the unit has too much of the good stuff, the consequences can be painful to the equipment. An excessive amount of the refrigerant could cause the lines to ice up, and the unit could end up with costly damages. In both instances, the service technician will have the knowledge to add just enough of the refrigerant to keep your home cool.

Faulty Specs

4)-What's That Smell: When you are suddenly faced with an odor which seems out of place, there is a good chance that there is an accumulation of non condensable gasses. This can have a detrimental reaction on the HVAC unit and has been known to blow the line.

5)-Liquid Failure: Equipment failure can be caused by lines that are not professionally set. Although this may not immediately harm the unit, homeowners should expect to replace their unit long before they needed to.

Professional installers and maintenance technicians will be able to identify the problem and correct it before extensive damage can take place.

Obstructions That Don't BelongFt. Lauderdale Air Conditioning Repair

6)-Power Management: The demand for power as it pertains to amperes and voltage will not necessarily be the same from one HVAC unit to another.

Installation of your unit by anyone other than a qualified technician could end up with incorrect wiring and even a burn out.

7)-Coping Capabilities: Your HVAC unit relies on a clear flow of air for it to function efficiently. To the inexperienced eye blockages and ducts that are leaking could be missed. Failure to catch these potential problems could cause the HVAC unit to continue blowing air for longer than it needed to.

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